To the Editor:
    Last Wednesday night Barbara and I were honored by the Downtown Hawley Partnership for contributions to the community.
   Standing at the podium and looking out at the crowd, one realizes what a talented and dedicated group of members and friends we have in our town.
Not only do we have many experienced and savvy members, what I am particularly pleased to see is the group of young emerging leaders we have. They’re smart, energized and give a new vitality to the town. They rejuvenate us older folks - their enthusiasm is contagious and it’s fun to work with them.
     We all are aware of the headwinds we face as result of the economic recession which dealt a gut-wrenching blow to many communities, particularly small rural ones.
But because of the pool of talent and the expertise and willingness of our citizens to volunteer, we are absolutely convinced in the future success of Our Town Hawley.  
    With much appreciation to the Downtown Hawley Partnership,
Barbara and Dick Briden