UPPER DELAWARE - PA Townships as well as NY Towns bordering the Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River can apply for funds to clean up shoreline riverbank and the river bed along the Delaware River.
    Upper Delaware Council (UDC), May 1st, approved making a total of $3,000 available to be shared by member townships and towns for this purpose. Applications need to be made to the UDC in Narrowsburg by May 30th.
    Considered a pilot program for 2014, the aim is to encourage volunteer-based projects this spring andnd summer, to maintain the pristine river quality. Priority will go to projects that get local adults and/or youth to participate, and reflect a commitment to become self-sustaining.
   The amount allocated will depend on the number of applications and what is needed. Both existing and new programs will be eligible. Typical expenses incurred by a cleanup include purchase or renting materials and equipment to aid in the clean-up, contracted services, proper trash disposal and publicity to attract helpers.
   Grants will be awarded to successful applicants at the next UDC board meeting, Thursday, June 5 at 7 p.m. The UDC offices are at 211 Bridge St., Narrowsburg, NY.
   A one-time payment will be made on a reimbursement basis at the end of each project. The deadline to finalize all clean-up projects and request reimbursement is August 4.
    For more information on how to apply, the municipality should contact the UDC at 845-252-3022 or e-mail laurie@upperdelawarecouncil.org.