LACKAWAXEN TWP. - The Bernt Balchen Lodge #3-566 of the Sons of Norway will host its annual Viking Fest Dinner on Saturday, June 7, at 6 p.m., at the Central Volunteer Fire House, 574 Westcolang Road in Lackawaxen Township.
   The menu will consist of traditional Norwegian roast stuffed pork, mashed potatoes, red cabbage and other vegetables, homemade soup, and delicious homemade desserts, coffee and tea. The price is $20 per adult, and $10 for children under 12 years of age. Reservations must be made by June 1, 2014. Please call Elsie at 570-685-7086.
    This year, Sons of Norway is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at Eidsvoll, on May 17,1814. This Constitution is the second oldest written Constitution still in existence. Its wording was inspired by the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776. This Constitution of 1814 was written by men who wanted Norway to secede. Greater policy decided otherwise, and Norway became forced into a union with Sweden later in the year. The Constitution was retained, but was slightly modified to accommodate a new union with Sweden. The main principles of the Constitution were upheld and laid the foundation for the union’s dissolution in 1905 and the development of Norwegian independent democracy.
     May 17th is celebrated in Norway with massive parades and parties annually. In this country, there  are also celebrations with parades and such in Brooklyn, NY, Minnesota, and other areas where there are high concentrations of Norwegian immigrants.
   "Come and enjoy a delicious Norwegian meal, and join us in celebrating Norway’s Constitution Day," said Lodge leaders.
     Bernt Balchen Lodge meets at the Central Fire House on the third Sunday of each month, unless there is another scheduled event. They welcome guests and new members. Their next meeting will be Sunday, June 15, at 2 p.m. For information, please call 570-729-7628.