KIMBLES - Once again, the community united Saturday to celebrate and remember those affected by cancer at the Forest Volunteer Fire Company. A total of 98 people, including 12 women voluntarily shaved their heads for St. Baldrick's, a volunteer driven foundation that raises money for childhood cancer research.
     Over 15 pony tails were donated to Locks of Love and the goal of $10,000 was greatly surpassed as members of the community donated $19,765.25 which event organizer and shavee Jess Schmitt said is “amazing.”
    Aside from raising funds for St. Baldrick's, the day was also meant to celebrate and remember Schmitt's brother Jake Daniels who was a Junior Lt. Firefighter at the company.. Jake was a shavee and so the idea for the fundraiser came from Jake's selflessness. Jess, her sister Becca, brother Nick, father Mike and Jess's husband Ben were the first to shave their heads.
    For more information on St. Baldrick's Foundation, visit