WALLENPAUPACK - On Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Virtual Business students from Wallenpaupack Area High School departed from the school on a trip to New York City.
      The trip included an evening of entertainment and an opportunity to show off their business to schools from around the world.
     Virtual Business is a global organization offered in high schools in which schools from
everywhere sell and buy from other virtual firms, in the hope of being the most successful
business they can be. The class teaches students how a real life business operates and prepares
them for a future career in the business field.
      Every year, the WAHS Virtual Business class  travels to New York City to network with other VE International Companies from around the globe. Virtual Business is a class offered at WAHS taught by business teacher, Melissa Monte.
      Students are interviewed and placed into departments within the business and operate their
virtual business as if it was a real one. The students at Wallenpaupack created a berry company
called “Berry Unlimited,” in which various berry products are sold to other virtual businesses
around the world. The company’s community-based partner is Paupack Blueberry Farm, a local
blueberry company. Without their help and business guidance, the business would not have been
able to strive as much as it has.  
     The past couple visits to the city have been so successful that the idea of an overnight
stay in NYC, before the trade fair, was proposed. After a presentation to School Administration,
the proposal was accepted and the trip was planned.
      Twelve students and three teachers left  Wednesday after school for New York City to attend the Broadway play, Of Mice and Men.
     After the cultural evening, the future business men and women retired to their Secaucus hotel.
After a few hours of shut eye, the future business leaders dressed in their professional attire, had
a quick breakfast, and headed out to the Trade Fair. At the Trade Fair, all of the classes’ hard
work finally paid off.
    Not only did they meet companies from all around the world, but also
received honorable mention for both their booth and catalog designs. It was quite a memorable
experience for everyone involved.