MATAMORAS - A nonprofit foundation benefiting the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department (EPRPD), in order to help provide additional crime prevention resources, was announced May 28. 

    The Foundation, created by members of the EPRPD, allows individuals and businesses to make tax-deductible donations to the department, with funds to go toward police programs, community projects and other initiatives.
     The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department Foundation will be led by Chairperson Matthew McCormack, Vice-Chair William Nealis, Secretary Harry Prey and Treasurer Barbara Gillette.
The Board of Directors will include Kevin Salvati and Robert Melvin.
      Through donations, the Foundation will be able to provide resources that will enhance police and community relations, crime prevention, and public safety through grant funding for specialized equipment, training, and community programs.
       More specifically, the Foundation will provide:

Professional Training

     Professional training is critical to EPRPD in order to keep up with current crime trends and learn new methods of law enforcement.  The Foundation will make it possible for officers to take advantage of specialized training as it becomes available.
• Scholarships

    The Foundation strives to enhance and increase opportunism for law enforcement students through scholarships, mentorship, community recognition and networking. 

As technology rapidly advances, new tools become available to enhance the work of law enforcement. 
      The EPRPD Foundation hopes to supplement departmental assets by procuring equipment that will enhance crime prevention efforts.  

• Technology 

    An increase of technology in crimes has created a demand for advanced technology to be used in police departments.
      “The Police Department is pleased to join forces with the Foundation,” said EPRPD Chief Chad Stewart. “The foundation will supplement existing community-based programs provided by the department, while creating opportunities for new crime prevention.”
       All monies raised by the EPRPD Foundation are dedicated to its mission of community development and public safety. All donations will used toward the furtherance of the Foundation’s objectives of safety, community relations and police development.

Donations can be made by credit card or PayPal account through the Department’s website, or mailed to the Eastern Pike Regional Foundation at 10 Avenue I, Matamoras, PA 18336.
     The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department Foundation seeks to advance the mission and objectives of Eastern Pike Regional Police Department through the development of resources and community awareness. This is accomplished through education, community relations, advocacy and fund raising.