BLOOMING GROVE TWP. - Pike County bicentennial souvenirs are still available for purchase at the Blooming Grove Township municipal office.
       Specialty crafted coins and calendars can be purchased for $5.00 apiece.
      The Supervisory Board held their monthly meeting on Monday, May 19th at the Blooming Grove Town Hall.
          In attendance at the 7 p.m. meeting were Nicholas Mazza, Supervisor, Helen Ann Yale, Supervisor, Jo Anna Donahue, secretary and Shelli Whitmer, Solicitor.
         Before the regular meeting commenced, a public hearing was held to amend Ordinance 66, which regulates burning. After discussion by residents and the Board of Supervisors, Jo Anna Donahue, the Township secretary made requested revisions. Ordinance 66 was passed, unopposed.
    The revised ordinance contains more provisions and strengthens the board's ability to enforce the burning regulations.
••• Other Items:
• A motion to proceed with the purchase of a new dump truck was passed.  The basic truck will cost $34,000.  The plow and added accessories priced at nearly $30,000 will make the total price tag of the dump truck between 63,000-65,000 dollars.  The make and model of the truck is an F-350 Ford.  Funds to purchase the truck will be paid from the Liquid Fuels Tax account which has a balance in excess of $400,000.  The Liquid Fuels Tax Fund is referred to as Chapter 449.  Oil and fuel companies pay the State of Pennsylvania in exchange for allowing the oil and fuel companies to extract natural resources from the land.  Chapter 449 has been in effect since 1956.
• Robert Drake won the bid to repair the doors of the township garage.  The cost of the repair is not to exceed $200 from the accepted bid of $5,740.00.
• Ordinance 67 was passed which gives fire departments serving in the Township the authority to seek reimbursement from insurance companies for costs associated with incidents other than fires.
• May 31 is scheduled for Blooming Grove’s “Clean-Up Day.”  Truck loads of waste material will be accepted by the Township between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.  The fee will be between $15 and $50, dependent on the size of the truck, unloading.  The Clean-Up Day is open to Blooming Grove Township residents. For specifics contact Secretary Donahue at 570-775-6461.
The Blooming Grove Township Supervisors normally meet on the first and third Monday at 7 p.m. The  offices are located along Route 739 north of Well Road and next to the fire station.