Mowing season is in full bloom. We hear the gentle hums of the neighborhood mowers every weekend. There's a lot to be said for mowing.
    It certainly is a workout, unless you use a riding mower or one of those fancy self-propelled push kind. Too bad not more people use the trusty non-powered push mower like our grandparents likely used. They are still around. They produce a wholesome clackety-clack sound, don't use a bit of gasoline and allow a nice workout besides. You even get a nicely cut lawn.
   Just try and avoid the flowers and herbs your wife or someone else planted and you thought it was a weed.
    Of course it can be a be a bit much if you have a vast prairie to cut around your house. For those situations, you can consider the benefits of a natural meadow or buy some sheep- or be boring like most everyone else and get a power riding mower.
   Noisy mowers are also nice to give a signal to your family or neighbors that you really are doing something besides nothing much! This reminded me of the cartoon someone should draw about the hubby watching the game with headphones while a tape recording is playing of a buzz-saw or hammer. In the next room is the good wife relaxing watching a soap with headphones, and a recorder playing sounds of a vacuum cleaner or washing machine.
    Even better may be to hire the neighborhood kid. Don't show your age and offer him (or her) a dollar to mow the whole lawn. Well, they used to do it for a dollar, even 50 cents! Be reasonable; to spare you the trouble of mowing the lawn and letting the youth to earn a decent summertime wage, be a little generous. It is a good experience for the youth and helps you out. Kids, don't charge by the hour and show up with kitchen scissors to cut the grass.
    Be cautious of Lyme disease. Ticks as well as other bugs are really disturbed (ticked off?) by the arrival of the mower. (The bugs WERE there first but you must show them who pays the taxes or rent.) Use a proper insect repellent, wear long trousers and beware of exposed areas. Light-colored clothing helps you to see any ticks as well as better reflects the sun's rays. Be careful of sun burn and heat exhaustion, and drink plenty of water. Take breaks.
    Mowing is a lot more rewarding if you let it go a day or more too long. Then you can really see your progress when you cut a path.
   Make mowing fun. Try different patterns in the lawn! Be creative and make a maze if the grass is really high! If it's that high you may as call it hay and let a farmer have it or buy a horse.