LACKAWAXEN TWP. - An idea that was born 20 years ago, became a reality in September when construction began for the new Market at Woodloch. The owner of the Woodloch Resort, John Kiesendahl celebrated the new opening with family and friends, as well as area representatives, June 18 by cutting the ribbon and telling of the store's evolution.
    When his parents Mary and Harry bought 12 acres of land for the family resort 56 years ago, he said there was no running drinking water, one year-round employee and about 30 guests. Where the Market at Woodloch now stands, Kiesendahl said was once a mechanic's shop where he actually had many of his cars repaired. His parent's “hard work and courage,” and the “humble beginning,” created the foundation and standards for what is now Woodloch, he said.
     A team effort that came together with many members of the Kiesendahl family, along with staff, Kiesendahl said everyone who made the Market come true can share in the pride of what they accomplished. Kiesendahl said he is very proud of the market and gas station that also houses the check-in and information for Woodloch Springs, the Woodloch Real Estate office with the building and design services.
    Kiesendahl said when the land was purchased, he saw great potential for what could be and now a dream has come true that also has the “nicest gas station bathrooms you're every going to see.”
    Treating every guest as though they are company in the Kiesendahl home, he said the business has grown beyond what his parents would have imagined, with members of the fourth generation now working.
    The support from everyone has been great he said, and knowing nothing about the gas business,  Kiesendahl thanked the owners of Firmstone Service Station in Honesdale for their guiding help. With the location of the market and gas station on Route 590,  Kiesendahl said its a convenience for the entire community.