PAUPACK TWP. - With an accumulation of hundreds of tapes from Paupack Township meetings, the Paupack Township Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 2014-30 to destroy the old tapes at the June 12 meeting. Township Solicitor Ron Bugaj explained the point of the tapes are to help the township secretary while she prepares the typed meeting minutes, which the Board approves at the following month’s meeting.
    The official settlement and totaled assessed value for the Cove Haven properties, Bugaj reported is $8,500,000. With a reduction of $3,164,000, he said the total assessed value is down from $11,664,000. The difference sounds like a lot he said, but because of how counties go through revisions and assessments and more, plus with “today’s economy,” there “are lots of changes.” The property, he explained was assessed based on a business aspect which meant there were, “officiated appraisals from business appraisers.” Those appraisers, wanted Cove Haven reduced to $2 million. Pleased with the 8.5 reduction, he said that “was a very good assessment.” All parties involved, from the school district which Bugaj said is the most affected to the township, have reviewed and accepted the settlement which is “a good settlement for everybody.” 

    Two different doors at the municipal building, one that is damaged and another that isn’t secure will be replaced. As the township building has gradually been upgraded, and one of the doors was recently damaged, Supervisor Tom Oakley said that “encouraged us to move along,” with the replacement of the doors. There were two bids, one from Universal Glass and another from Mesko Glass. The Board chose to go with Universal Glass with both doors, in part because Mesko didn’t want the steel door, said Supervisor and Chairman Bruce Chandler. And so, Universal Glass will install a new glass door in the meeting room for $1,860 and a new steel door for the walk through shop for $1,990.
    “An awesome place,” that needs to be painted, the Hemlock Hollow School received four bids, said Oakley. Bids for the job ranged from $5,545 to $8,750, all that had specifications with everyone being “apples to apples,” Oakley said. “In theory,” he said the Board is supposed to select the lowest bid. But, Chandler responded that the Board is supposed to choose the “lowest responsible bidder.” The job was awarded to Sutor Painting from Waymart, who Oakley said was “thrilled to pieces to see the school” even spending half an hour looking over the school and making measurements. Although Sutor was the third highest price, Chandler said the, “lowest price doesn’t always get you the best job either.” Bugaj said it is safe to say Hemlock Hollow School is a “gem of the community,” which “needs to be historically preserved.” Chandler added that the school is special to many in the area, including himself as he attended first through fourth grades at the school. Sutor Painting was awarded the job at a price of $6,750.
    The township will pay $8,100, to have PPL relocate a power line that is low and in the way of a building on the municipal building property. Having received a grant price for an additional salt shed, Oakley said the best location for the shed is where the power line is. The cost, he said are for “overhead expenses,” that include the wire, poles and labor. A three phase project, Supervisor Leigh Gilbert said wires include Verizon and cable wires. Without much space on the property, he said if the shed were to go anywhere else, it would affect future expansion.  
    Moving to the electronic age of digital signs, the Board decided to collaborate with the Lakeville Fire Company to purchase an electronic digital sign that will replace the current sign that is  on Rt. 590. The LED digital sign can be changed from a laptop, and will be used to post announcements pertaining to township events and activities such as the popular cleanup, burning bands and an “awful lot of good things,” said Oakley. The sign will cost $11,100, but the township and fire company have decided to split the cost.
    Township residents took advantage of the annual spring cleanup, filling four dumpsters with an array of items. Two small truckloads of electronics went to the recycling center, with a lot of furniture and 40 tires. Although 40 tires might sound like a lot, Chandler said the number has dwindled over the years and there are less tires in the township. A “win/win situation” for all, he said from the township being cleaned to residents being happy, people have asked for an additional cleanup. And so, the Board decided to have another on August 23 from 8 a.m. to noon.
    With a few rental properties in the township along the lake, Chandler said concerns have been expressed as they are known as “party houses” with new renters every week. This is problematic, he said because too many people stay at the homes and the old septic systems can’t handle the peoples' waste. Before Paupack Township does anything, he said Palmyra Township is working on an ordinance first. Oakley suggested dusk to down noise control policy or local real estate agents could screen the renters. The last Oakley heard, he said, was that Palmyra Township was looking to have Hawley Police enforce the policies. He was unsure if that was finalized. He added that the whole issue is a challenge because of the difficulties of enforcing the rules.
    Brownie Troop 50515 sent a letter to Paupack Township, expressing a safety concern regarding a slide at the recreation park. The company the slide was purchased from, Oakley said has been contacted and the company’s response to the complaint was not known as of the meeting. Bugaj said the issue with the slide is an “interesting issue of liability.” Because the Brownies said the slide is too shallow, that would be a design problem he said. Oakley answered that there is “fault protection there,” with special playground mulch that is at least a foot thick for slider goers. Just to be safe though, Bugaj said the Board may want to consider having their insurance company take a look. Even still, Oakley said a letter was sent back to the Brownies.
    The next Paupack Township meeting is scheduled for July 10 at 7:30 p.m. 
at the offices off Daniels Road.