WALLENPAUPACK - Although Wallenpaupack's graduation was held June 13, several students were on hand at the School District board meeting three nights later, being honored for their accomplishments.
    This included one who is no longer a student, but an alumnus, said Principal Dr. Jay Starnes. Raeann Ehrhardt received her diploma on the 13th. She was first scheduled to be honored by the School Board the month prior but was unavailable due to her participation on the Softball Team.
    The School Board recognized Ehrhardt for her outstanding academic achievements, awards and prior honors and involvement in school activities. She was on the Girls' Soccer Team, Girls' Basketball Team and Softball Team all four of her high school years.
     The daughter of Gina and Craig Ehrhardt, Raeann plans to attend Bloomsburg University to major in Biology. She then plans to seek a master's degree in Genetics to later become a Medical Geneticist.

••• InventTeam

   Also attending the meeting were the students from the Gifted Program, overseen by instructor Gene Schultz. They organized the InvenTeam, which included 14 students They have designed a wavefront generator, to use the action of the waves on Lake Wallenpaupack to power a dock light.
    PPL does not allow alternating current (AC) on the docks, but the generator provides direct current (DC). The students have worked on this for a year and a half. A $9600 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant provided funding for the project. They also received a $2000 grant from PPL which is helping the students to travel to EurekaFest, a competition later that week at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). There are 13 high schools competing. They will make the same presentation at MIT that they made to the School Board.
    The students shared the lessons they learned in undertaking this project, which included the necessity to be flexible and persevere when the first attempt fails. The importance of mentors and involving several teachers was also important.
    Board President John C. Spall commended Mr. Schultz and the students. A letter of congratulation from Governor Tom Corbett was read by Superintendent Michael Silsby.

••• Nature trail

    Sebastian Aparicio, who just completed his Freshman year, was given approval by the School Board for the nature trail project at the Middle School which he recently completed for his Eagle Scout rank.
   The Scout from Troop 129 offered a power point presentation showing how the trail was put together The third-mile trail offers markers to identify trees seen along the way.
   He and other scouts removed over 1,000 pounds of scrap metal and about 30 bags of trash.
   There were 29 volunteers, spending 270 hours.
  Aparicio said his goal was to encourage youth to spend time outdoors and become familiar with flora and fauna.
   Special thanks was given to Pat Jennings, an adult volunteer.
   At his first presentation to the School Board, Aparicio literally passed a hat to collect donations from them. This time he brought back what was left over, $32.08. The project cost $1,162.14, he said.

••• WAHS Players

   Allison Hoffman, a drama teacher, gave a report about the successful year enjoyed by the WAHS Players. Several students were present, who acted in the spring play, Peter Pan. Over 100 students from various grades took part in the production, which took four months to prepare.
   She reported that hey had outstanding success at the High School Musical Theatre Competition, NEPA Stars hosted by the Scranton Cultural Center, May 25. They won seven awards out of 14 nominations, included the most desired award for "Best Musical Overall," Hoffman noted.
       Other awards achieved included  Best Student Orchestra; Best Featured Ensemble - The Indians;
Best Choreography; Best Director; Best Actor - Connor McLaughlin as Captain Hook and Best Actress - Morgan Miller as Peter Pan.
   She thanked the School Board for the continuing support.