GREENE TOWNSHIP - “Vehicles listed on the insurance policy should agree with the inventory so that trucks are not insured for more or less than their value,” suggested Greene Township supervisor Gary Carlton, at their June meeting.
      “We should make sure that the VIN and vehicles on the policy agree so that the vehicle is properly covered in the event of an accident, “ he explained.
       “The fire company 1995 truck is listed as a $97,500 value on the insurance policy,” noted Carlton.
        “Compare the registration for VIN, year, make and model, with the insurance policy,” directed Solicitor Jeffrey Treat.
        The three supervisors agreed to inspect the Promised Land Volunteer Fire Company trucks next week.
    “The township 1995 one ton dump truck is listed as worth $49,000, and is not worth that much. We need to check the township vehicles against the policy too. The insurance company will allow us to insure vehicles in that amount but they will only pay fair market value in the event of a claim.”
••• Septic violation to be verified

    A complaint was filed against the mortgagee and owner for a septic system failure violation, Solicitor Jeffrey Treat noted.
      The owners have responded that they look forward to an independently qualified septic system verification. I will ask the court for the approval for onsite testing and will request that a sheriff's deputy, the owner, Don Nicholson, sewage enforcement officer, and Robert Corbi, DEP, be present for the testing. Test tubes will be sent to an independent laboratory, Treat explained.

••• Clean up mandated

   “Most property owners have been very cooperative in cleaning up their property,” MaryAnn Hubbard, supervisor and solid waste officer, reported.
     “One owner, however, who has a number of unlicensed cars on his property, claims they are 'classic' and have been there for 20 years,” she noted.
    “According to the ordinance only one unlicensed car can be stored on a property. No one is 'grandfathered in.'” Treat advised. “The township is doing him a favor in requiring him to protect the value of the cars.”

Also discussed:

   •  The supervisors accepted the resignation of Fred Schoenagel jr due to health concerns.
“For many years he was the township engineer 'for free,'” Hubbard noted.
   •  The supervisors appointed Christine Rock to fill the vacated Planning Commission position after she had declared interest.
   •  “Allen Shiffler has been appointed as EMA coordinator by the governor effective immediately,” announced chair Ed Simon. The EMA coordinator develops the emergency plan and coordinates emergency service response.     
   • The supervisors awarded the sale of the township's old Mack truck to Henry Gundlach in the amount of $6,515 in "an as-is, where-is" condition.
   • The supervisors awarded a contract for 700 tons of crushed cinders delivered to the township in the amount of $17 per ton, $11,900 in total to Panther Trucking & Excavating. “Panther Trucking bid was $0.12 per ton under the other bidder,” noted supervisor Gary Carlton.
  • The supervisors approved the Mascaritola lot combination, Route 507, the Gierwatowski lot combination, Lake-In-the-Clouds, and the Yeakel lot combination, Skyview Lake.
   The Greene Township Supervisors meet on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the offices on Brink Hill Road, Greentown.