HONESDALE - Wayne Memorial Hospital’s New Beginnings Birthing Suites recorded eight births over the June 27-June 29 weekend, including a set of twins.
     Amanda Buchko and partner Frank Knoll of Lackawaxen, Pike County, welcomed baby boys Hunter and Rider on Friday, June 27th. Both boys weighed just over 5 pounds and were delivered via cesarean section by Mehran Langroudi, MD with assistance from Denise Viola, DO from the Women’s Health Center, a division of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers.
      The 23-year-old new mom, a housekeeper at Woodloch Pines, was thrilled with her boys—thrilled times two!  Several nurses stayed long past their shift end to help with the mini baby boom at the hospital.
     In 2013, Wayne Memorial Hospital saw 407 births and staff hope to surpass that this year. Women’s Health offers both obstetrician and nurse-midwife delivery services.