“Certainly, Probation Officers work diligently in attempting to assist defendants in changing their lives by overseeing their participation in appropriate programs, by supervising them and working tirelessly to make defendants productive members of society and thus making society safer and more productive communities,” said Pike County (PA) President Judge James Kameen.
••• EVENT:
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has designated the week of July 13 to July 19 as Probation and Parole Supervision Week. Pike County Court also honors the local Probation and Parole Officers who oversee the criminal defendants who have been processed through the Pike County Courts and who are under the jurisdiction of the Pike County Courts.
President Judge Joseph Kameen notes that the Pike County Probation Office has many responsibilities, such as:
• preparation of bail reports;
• investigation and preparation of detailed Pre-sentence reports for all defendants;
• serious parole or probation supervision of all defendants who remain under the jurisdiction of Pike County Court;
• actively participate in all Court activities from bail hearings, pleas, sentencings, parole hearings, and violation hearings for defendants’ failure to follow the rules of parole or probation.
It is not unusual for a Probation Officer to be threatened or assaulted by a defendant who is being investigated for a violation of the conditions of parole or probation.  
••• BY THE NUMBERS: 2013
• 54: offenders arrested for serious violations of their Probation/Parole conditions.
• 611 bail reports prepared
• 405 presentence investigations
• 307 defendants put on Probation
•  268 defendants put on parole.
• 123 defendants ultimately found in violation of their conditions of parole/probation supervision, mostly related to drug usage.
• 1,027 defendants are in active payment of fines, costs, fees and restitution as a result of their criminal activity.  
• $1,000,000 + collected in fees related to criminal cases. This money is paid to local or state government or to victims as restitution for their loss. Annually there are approximately 180 cases of contempt brought by Probation for defendants who have not properly paid their monthly payments.
• 133 defendants were prosecuted in Pike County Court but were sentenced to State Prison who are now supervised by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.
All of the above statistics involve only adult defendants.  The Pike County Probation Office also has a Juvenile Division which handles all juvenile cases in the County and a Domestic Relations Division which handles thousands of child support cases annually including conducting support conferences, attending all Court hearings and prosecuting support contempts for non-payment of child support.
The number of responsibilities of the Probation Office generated in 2013 were the highest numbers yet generated in Pike County.  It is anticipated that the numbers for 2014 will be even higher given the increased number of arrests and prosecutions in the County.