Lake Wallenpaupack for sale?!
Not quite yet. It might not even happen.

Lake Wallenpaupack for sale?!
Not quite yet. It might not even happen.
PPL has set forth a couple options to divest some of its power plant assets in the event the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) decides it must. FERV could do that with the anticipated merger of PPL Corporation, its generating side, with Riverstone Holdings LLC, to form Talen Energy Corporation. The idea is to keep the new energy giant from yielding unfair influence in setting energy prices.
One of the two options PPL came up with is to sell- yes, SELL- Lake Wallenpaupack, its power plant at Kimbles and the 3-1/2 mile flow line connecting the plant and the dam.
Sell Lake Wallenpaupack?
The very idea is enough to send shivers down your spine.
Not that it might not be a good thing. It may not even make any noticeable difference to the community and the thousands who call the Lake Region home.
Like one local PPL employee said about the merger, hopefully all the difference anyone will find is a change to the name on the signs at Lake Wallenpaupack.
What really occurs once a new owner is in charge, one can only guess and hope for the best. They will have to abide by the federal license requirements to operate the plant, including the many stipulations when FERC renewed the license some 10 years ago.
How they implement the stipulations is another thing.
Hopefully whether it is Talen or a completely new power utility, they will respect and appreciate the fine work done at the PPL Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center, the PPL trail areas at Shuman Point and Ledgedale and other amenities. Hopefully the shoreline management will be just as good if not improved.
But SELL the lake??!!
What price would you put on Lake Wallenpaupack?
How many BILLION would it go for?
To us who love it, Lake Wallenpaupack is priceless.
Much has been done to upgrade the water quality despite the intense developmental pressure and use by boaters and anglers, testament to the excellent work of the Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District.
Lake Wallenpaupack is rightly referred to as the "Gem of the Poconos" and that it is; our economy practically flows around it and on it. The lake, built by P. P. & L. (now known as PPL) in 1926, adds immeasurably to our quality of life.
We act like it's OUR lake. We think of PPL as OUR PPL.
PPL has done a great job of managing the lake all these decades and we should be grateful.
It's troubling to hear of change, but we must have faith all parties will recognize the tremendous value of this 5,700 acre lake and what it means not just to the power grid but to the thousands of power users and customers who live here and the millions who pass through and stay awhile, gaining a well earned good impression not just of our region but of the power utility that made it possible.