HAWLEY - James Shook, co-owner of Lake Region/Hawley IGA, brought annual donations to Borough Council July 9th, which were raised at the Hometown Pride Ride motorcycle run in June.
   Donations were given to Hawley Fire Department; Hawley Ambulance & Rescue Company; Hawley Police Department and Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission.
  The event is held in June in connection with the Lake Region Dock Foundation's IGA Kidsfest. The ride was much more successful this year, with 173 bikes, rather than about 100 in 2013. Over $6000 was raised, about $1000 over last year. This allowed the donation to increase, to $1500 to each beneficiary.
    In addition, contributions were made to the Port Jervis and Eastern Pike Regional Police departments for their assistance with the 77-mile route.