PAUPACK TWP. - Before women could vote or a man had walked on the moon, Hilda K. Weidhaas was born and busy working on the family farm in Germany. Years after countless historic moments have occurred; Hilda’s 100th birthday was celebrated Saturday by friends and family from her Sandy Shore community at Lake Wallenpaupack.
    Born July 24, 1914 Hilda is the oldest of five children, with three siblings still living in Florida. Having lived in the region for 40 years, Hilda said she chooses to live in the north because she does not like Florida’s humidity. Raised in Connecticut, Hilda credits her upbringing in the north for her acceptance of the cold season.
    Till this day, Hilda recalls her family’s 13 day voyage, that brought the family to the United States, where her name is actually on a wall on Ellis Island. In the states, Hilda worked for a lawyer in New Jersey, caring for his children. In the later years, she cared for her grandchildren and some neighbor’s children.  
    It wasn’t until last year, that Hilda stopped driving. Enjoying her days, Hilda said she doesn’t mind being able to sleep in and relax. But, being raised on a 26 acre farm, she added that when she was younger sleeping in was frowned upon.
    Hilda’s one remaining child, Robert surprised his mother Saturday, by showing up to the party in which she didn’t know was for her. Instead, she had plans to celebrate her day by doing some knitting and watching a movie, possibly even taking a walk. Not mad at her friends for the surprise, Hilda warned that it’s important not to bear grudges.
    Robert credits his mother’s longevity to good genes, a positive attitude and a solid diet. He said Hilda is very particular about what she eats and stays active, which he contributes to her sharpness. She tends to stay busy by crocheting and knitting various items, like blankets that have been given to soldiers who were returning from Afghanistan.
    Two of Hilda’s friends, Janice Arbeeny and Jean Skinner both help her out, by taking her places and keeping her company. Skinner said she is amazed at how active Hilda is, by cooking meals like lasagna and baking goodies.
    Having known Hilda for 36 years, Arbeeny often takes Hilda to the doctor and runs errands with her. Arbeeny said she adores Hilda, because she is such a sweetheart.
    When Skinner drove Hilda to the party Saturday, she responded by questioning the number of people. Skinner said Hilda didn’t want anything for her day.
    As far as Hilda is concerned, she said turning 100 was no more special then turning 95. In fact, when people would say she was almost 100, she had to point out that she was still 99, there was no need to rush it.
    For those who hope to live long healthy lives, Hilda suggests, “work hard, don’t let anybody intimidate you and eat right.”