A book has been written by Joyce E. Chaplin titled “ Round About the Earth” which tells the story of circumnavigating the globe, started by Ferdinand Magellan in 1519.
  The 535 page book touches such famous people as Francis Drake, James Cook  and Astronauts and cosmonauts and many others, and such luminaries as Jules Verne “Around the World in 80 Days.” It is remindful of what it takes to navigate the Pocono- Northeast and the lessons that can be learned when regionalism is accounted for across regional life. Another famous explorer globally was Charles Darwin and his work in the Galapogas Islands in Ecuador.
These examples are cited as adventurous examples that have been replicated through orbits of the Earth and the Moon landings in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is time that as many people as possible examine this region and become familiar with the ability to reflect on what an entire region offers in the way of the assets that continue to outweigh the liabilities which are often defined as negative factors in regional attempts to attract new economic development.
Yet, there are many places that can be found within the region that are truly dynamic and positive steps to move toward successful factors in achieving appropriate growth and development throughout the Pocono-Northeast. The need exists to navigate the transportation system that enables leaders of all three elements of the economy- private, public, and nonprofit to see what exists and how the region fits together in a mosaic framework of action designed to focus attention on community life. The aforementioned book suggests that circumnavigation is an important element in understanding the nature of a round Earth and that has many parts within its boundaries as well as how the world fits into the Universe.
Understanding this region is just as difficult if steps are not taken to acquaint the traveler with what his or her neighbors and what they have to offer in the way of community development. Chaplin notes that “ the earliest centuries pf round-the-world travel generated copious evidence of humanity’s longing for the Earth.” If looked at similarly, this region would provide evidence that it could focus the same attention to its history, presence, and future. Here are a few ways this could occur.
 Have each of the local school districts offer a similar set of course that provide insight to historical and futuristic trends that impact the region.
 Engage in opportunities to showcase how and in what manner regional life is similar no matter where projects are designed and implemented.
 Offer tours of the region, using tourist promotion agencies that exist and enable the Pocono Mountain counties and Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Schuylkill and surrounding counties to highlight their attractions.
 Establish a new Futurism Center or Institute that showcases the next fifty or so years and have the various higher educational institutions provide support to this facility.
 Organize interested citizens to undertaken their interest in community and economic development so that this becomes part of the navigation assets that can be directed to regional enhancement.
   Circumnavigating the region may not be as powerful as a global setting, but it can be influential in focusing attention on the various positive experiences that help mobilize the best the region can offer for the benefit of this and future regional generations.
Howard J. Grossman operates his own consulting firm, HJG Associates, 116 Grandview Drive, Pittston Township Pa. 18640, e-mail grossmanHJ@aol.com.