HAWLEY - Three simple ingredients, a little know-how and the pleasure of making people smile has led Colleen Murphy and her husband Charlie to bring their homemade butter crunch candy to folks throughout the region.

The evolution of the recipe started for Colleen 40 years ago, when her ex mother-in-law Bea, shared an age-old family secret. Today, Colleen would only tell that the treat requires butter, sugar and chocolate. The details however, are important as the proper measurements and timing required to correctly cook the candy is essential. If the mixture isn’t cooked long enough, it will be too chewy Colleen says. Or, if it cooks too long, it can burn. The key, she adds, is knowing exactly when to take it off the stove. It has taken Colleen time, she admits, to get the butter crunch to where it is today. 

Initially, Bea only used milk chocolate to make her butter crunch. Colleen however, has redeveloped the treat to include dark chocolate and vanilla butter crunch, even offering a variety of nuts. Sometimes, she will also do a flavor of the month where there has been mint butter crunch and butterscotch which was a success too. Changing the chocolate, she says, changes the entire flavor. 

Before selling her butter crunch, Colleen actually gave it away. She first started selling the candy on Long Island, but she wasn’t completely focused on it because she was busy working as a hairdresser. It wasn’t until the family moved to Pennsylvania however, that she started Ed’s Heavenly Delights Butter Crunch. Named after her dad, Colleen says her father would be proud of what she has done with the business. 

In the past year, Colleen says the business has really picked up, as she continues to sell the candy online, at farmers markets and now it is available in the Mill Market in the Hawley Silk Mill. She only started selling the butter crunch at the Mill Market four weeks ago, and already Colleen says it’s going well because the goodies are selling out.

Colleen says Ed’s Heavenly Delights is different than other butter crunch because of its freshness and it won’t stick to a person’s teeth. The reason, there isn’t any high fructose corn syrup. Making it daily, she says is fun since she loves to cook.

From the baking to the packaging, Colleen does it all with the help of Charlie who hands out the samples at the markets. Charlie actually handles the technical aspect of the business, doing the graphics for the business cards and managing the website.

Of the three flavors, all are her favorite, but dark chocolate tends to be a hit for many. Charlie credits the “bounce,” the dark chocolate has for its popularity. Colleen says the reason for the difference, is that she uses a specific dark chocolate.

As people sampled some of the butter crunch at the Hawley Farmers Market recently, Colleen says she loves seeing people enjoy the treat as it, “brings the kid back in us.” The samples are key, she says because it isn’t until a person samples the butter crunch that they realize they like it.

Seeing peoples’ reactions when they try the butter crunch, Colleen says that’s why she continues to bake and sell the treats. Not expecting such a success to come of her business, she concludes that she is “thrilled” with her achievement.

For more information visit Ed’s Heavenly Delight’s Butter Crunch on Facebook or https://www.etsy.com/Shop/EdsHeavenlyDelights. (Editor's Note: The Hawley Farmer's Market is held every Friday from 2 to 5:30 p.m. at Bingham Park.)