LAKE REGION - On Thursday, August 14th the Patriot Connectors will have Bob Beirerle, editor of "Our Town" Magazine, as their speaker. The group meets every second Thursday of the month throughout the year at the Wallenpaupack Area High School Library  from 7 to 9 p.m.
 The group is conducted as an open forum, free, informal and unstructured. The Patriot Connectors are striving to help citizens become more informed and more proactive for our country, the U.S. Constitution and the furthering of American ideals. The "Connectors" enjoy hearing  many different points of view and listening to other points of view on what is going on in our community, state and nation.
Bob Beirerle is well known for his interesting and pointed editorials and enjoyed by many of the residents of our surrounding area. "Our Town" was first published in 1994 and is owned by  Bob and Dorothy Beirerle. Bob will be discussing how by standing together Americans CAN help make a difference in our society and he states ... " that as Patriots and as Americans we still have a voice and we will not be silenced". Bob and his family will be outside the Wallenpaupack High School entrance early to meet and talk to people attending.