Water-  we depend on it, miss it when there is not enough and scramble when there too much comes all at once!
Wally Lake Fest 2014 certainly was a great success, despite occasional rain on Saturday. Spirits seemed a bit dampened Saturday morning with occasional sprinkles and a heavy, grey overcast sky. Yet, the activities went on, from the Canal Festival to the Battle of the Bands, and it was a great day. Participation was said to be a bit low in some areas, blamed on the weather prospects.
Thankfully the Boat Parade was able to go on, and only at the end did the clouds drop the rain!
Sunday's gorgeous weather certainly made up for Saturday. The Paupack Sailing Club's Sailboat Regatta was just beautiful. It was a joy to walk on the Tafton Dike or sit on a bench- or in your own boat- and watch the majestic sails as the breezes blew them about and the sunshine glistened all around.
Only a few days before, rain fell in buckets, as they say, or in cats and dogs. Thursday night a ferocious line of thunderstorms crossed the region, with torrential rain. Really hit hard, however, was Woodloch Pines Resort where one of its main facilities was flooded. A picture showing the wall of water hitting the doors and pouring in, was just amazing. The indoor pool area, gift shop, bar, locker room and 28 guest rooms were impacted.
John Kiesendahl, General Manager and CEO at Woodloch, said that he now has empathy for anyone who has experienced a flash flood. In their 56 year history, Woodloch Pines has never experienced such a flood. They were thankful and so are we, that the the damage was limited to one building and their activities and famous tradition of hospitality will continue across the wide expanse of the resort.
Still, it was a big blow and will be costly to rebuild.
"The show must go on," Kiesendahl said.
We are reminded of the awesome power of water, how the weather will affect us in our plans and interrupt us in many ways. Farmers know it all too well. Weather remains a common bond, a conversation topic for all of us. Of course it can be and has been a lot worse right in our own area. We are thankful for the rain, for resiliency when times get tough, and for each sunny day, sure to return.