HONESDALE - The Cooperage Project has announced Field to Main, their second annual farm to table fundraising event. Tickets are now on sale.
On Saturday, September 20th, tables will be set for a five-course, family-style dinner at The Cooperage, 1030 Main Street in Honesdale. Hor d’oeuvres will be served from 6 p.m. Dinner will immediately follow at 7 p.m.
Once again, the feast will be expertly prepared by Chefs Benjamin Cooper and Derrick Braun. Both Cooper and Braun are graduates of the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Cooper is now the Executive Chef at Honesdale’s new farm-to-table restaurant, Dyberry Forks.
“We are thrilled to be working on Field to Main with Ben and Derrick again.” says Doni Hoffman, executive director of The Cooperage Project. “It's really fun to bounce ideas back and forth with them. They are a very creative team, always eager to utilize fresh local ingredients in unique ways. Their dishes are beautifully presented and the food is just delicious.”

••• Chefs happy too

The chefs are happy to be in the kitchen again, too.
“Field to Main was such a rewarding experience last year...seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces after dinner was just amazing,” says Cooper. “We can’t wait to do it again.”
The use of fresh, all-natural, and locally grown ingredients is an important feature of this farm to table feast.
This dining experience will feature the vegetables, fruits and meats from ten local farms: Salem Mountain Farm of Waymart, Safford Farm of Lake Ariel, The Anthill Farm, Fox Hill Farm, Treeline Farm, Quails-R-Us, Hardler Farm and Twin Brooks Farm of Honesdale, Lato Sud Farm and Nonnenmacher Acres of Beach Lake.
“We’re supporting our local farmers and use the best ingredients we can find.” chipped in Braun, “It’s pretty cool.”

••• Cooperage Project

Since opening the doors of The Cooperage in June 2012, The Cooperage Project has brought a wide array of entertaining, engaging, and inspiring activities to our community. Field to Main is the organization’s largest and most important fundraising event. All proceeds from this farm to table feast will be used to support the variety of programs offered by The Cooperage Project.
“We were overwhelmed by the energy at Field to Main last year. The feeling of community was palpable.” says Katharine Brown, board member of The Cooperage Project. “We’re excited for round two. And we’re excited to be raising funds for The Cooperage Project! After all, it IS a fundraiser! Come join us on September 20th!”
Tickets are available for purchase at $75 per person. Please call 570-253-2020 or email info@thecooperageproject.org to reserve your place at the table and to support The Cooperage Project. Please contact Doni Hoffman at The Cooperage Project with questions or concerns.
Visit www.thecooperageproject.org for more information.