NEWFOUNDLAND - The Greene-Dreher Alumni Association (GDAA) presented $12,000 in college scholarships at their annual dinner on June 14th to the following recipients:  
    Krystal Ayers $1000 in GDAA Scholarships; Natalie Christopher $1000 Jan Smith Burke Memorial Scholarship; Albert Deschenes $500 GDAA Scholarship; Benjamin Dietsch $500 Laurel Blossom Senior Group Scholarship and $500 GDAA Scholarship; Brittany Grimmer $1000 Pearl Blitz Smith Memorial Scholarship and $500 Laurel Blossom Senior Group Scholarship; Brianna Myrick $1000 GDAA Scholarship; Skyler McKane $500 GDAA Scholarship; Thomas McLain $1000 Henry Arneberg and Carmen Arneberg Carlin Memorial Scholarship and $500 Class of 1964 Memorial Scholarship; William Reese $500 GDAA Scholarship; Kristina Roy $1000 GDAA Scholarship and $500 Class of 1964 Memorial Scholarship; Taylor Ruziecki $1000 Carroll "Tat" Krautter Memorial Scholarship; Danielle Spewak $500 John Hazelton Memorial Scholarship and $500 Ladies of Paupack Rebekah Lodge #559 Scholarship.
    All graduating seniors residing in Greene or Dreher Townships are eligible for scholarships. Applications for 2015 monies will be available after March 1, 2015 through either the school guidance counselor, or by contacting the  Scholarship Committee at PO Box 171, Newfoundland, PA 18445, by email at, or through the Association’s website at