There was a music festival recently in Victoria Park in London, England. As crowds approached the park on foot. a 5-year-old girl set up a lemonade stand and offered a small cup for 65 cents or a big cup for $1.30. She was doing a brisk business, and was almost sold out when four local law enforcement officials stormed up to her table. One officer switched on his body camera and then read the child a lengthy statement saying she would be fined $195 because she had no trading permit.

                                                                                           Courtesy Professor Andre Spicer
The girl burst into tears, asking her Dad, professor Andre Spicer, again and again, "Have I done a bad thing?" The pair packed up the lemonade and walked home, with the young girl sobbing all the way. After Spicer wrote of the incident in The Telegraph, local authorities cancelled the fine and apologized. "We expect our officers to show common sense," they said. "This clearly did not happen." But that's not all. Borough Market invited Spicer's daughter to sell lemonade there. The Spicer family tweeted, "Dozens of festivals, markets and businesses offered her an opportunity to set up a lemonade stand."  Meanwhile, Redhead Day UK 2018 (see photo above) has offered to make her a guest of honor.