For decades, girls at summer camp have enjoyed tennis and swimming, but almost always took "arts and crafts" where they sat inside making leather trinkets or macaroni necklaces. That stereotype has finally ended. At Girls Build summer camps in Portland and southern Oregon, girls as young as eight are learning how to use power tools!

                                                                                                                  Deena Prichep / NPR
Girls wear hard hats and tool belts and work on everything from pouring concrete planters to shingling the roof of a sandbox (shown above). Said one camper, "We were just chopping pieces of wood and we were like, how can this become a playhouse? Then we painted it and it slowly started coming together and now, hey, it's looking like something." At the end of the week-long camp, one parent told how her twin eight-year-old girls have changed. "There's not nothing they can't do," she said, "but now there's nothing they can't try."