His name is Hal. We don't know his last name, but Hal is a 77-year-old retired truck driver who lives in Liberty, Maine, about 50 miles southwest of Bangor. Back in April, Hal won the $2 million lottery. He took home $1.4 million after taxes, so he's set for life. But last month he used part of his winnings to buy 56 Pick 3 lottery tickets, and used the same three numbers on all the tickets. It makes no sense, but he won again.

Each of his 56 tickets was worth about $420, so instead of cashing them in, he gave them away. He went to his favorite restaurant and handed tickets to all the staff -- even the girl who had only worked there a few days. He gave the rest of random people at gas stations and the grocery store. He said he's given stuff away before, but never on this scale.