An 18-year-old man recently tried to shoplift clothes from a Walmart in Toronto, Canada. His name is unknown, because he was never charged with anything, thanks to a policeman with a big heart.

After the teen was caught, Walmart called police and Niran Jeyanesan (above) soon arrived. He found out the shoplifter was not stealing stylish clothes or shoes. Instead, he had stolen a necktie, a dress shirt, and socks, so the officer asked why he needed them. The young man explained that he had a job interview, and didn't have any nice clothes or the money to buy them. He knew it was wrong to steal, but he was trying to provide for his family. Instead of taking the shoplifter down to the station, Jeyanesan took him to a store cashier and paid for the stolen clothing himself. He said that, instead of making the shoplifter's life worse, he decided to help make it better. And he did. The officer gave the teen his phone number, and the boy called later to let him know the new clothes worked. By being well-dressed, he got a job!