MILFORD - Who is Laura Keene? Laura Keene was the star of the play being performed the night of President Lincoln's assassination. She was a trend setter for her time and the first woman to manage a theater and production company of her own, from 1850-1875, a star in her own right and a staple of the stage and theater.
As a witness to the tragic occurrence on the night of April 14, 1865, at Ford's Theater, she earned a place as a permanent footnote in our nation's history; surely not how she would liked to have been remembered, as her life's accomplishments and her talents seem to fall by the wayside when remembering Keene.
Friday night, November 4, The Columns Museum will hold a dinner for six lucky people. The dinner will consist of six courses served in the privet Victorian style by costumed chef and servers in the dining room of the McLaughlin home, which is now known as The Columns Museum and Pike County Historical Society.
As the museum is home to the famed Lincoln Flag, it seems appropriate that Laura Keene make an appearance at the dinner to tell of her story and the fateful night which changed her life, and a Nation, forever.
The dinner will be raffled off; the winner may invite five guests. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased at The Columns Museum, 608 Broad Street or obtained by emailing or calling 570-296- 8126. There will be only 100 tickets sold and the winning ticket will be drawn on October 19th.
The dinner is scheduled for 7 p.m.
Proceeds from this affair will go towards the preservation and stabilization of the costume in the museum's collection which was worn on stage the night of the assassination. Details about the newly discovered provenance of this piece will be elaborated on in a presentation in February of 2017, when the costume is unveiled for permanent display.
“Please help support this worthy project and cause and further the important links to phenomenal history which exist in our very own Pike County,” said Lori Strelecki, Executive Director.

Meet the Chef
Using her background in culinary and love of history, Eve Yesthal will be donating her time & talent to a series of upcoming events at the Columns Museum. Through her focus is on food, she will be demonstrating the tradition of sourcing food locally and preparing everything from scratch. Using historic recipes and techniques. Cooking that harkens back to a time when everything was organic.

The Menu:

First Course - Hors d' oeuvres
Oysters on the half shell over cracked ice, with lemon and sweet relish Paired with sparkling cider
Second Course - Soup
Italian Wedding Soup with shaved parmesan
Third Course - Fish
Butter Poached Trout in a lemon garlic cream sauce served with Piped Potatoes Fourth Course - Fowl
Slow Cooked Chicken and Wild Mushroom Vol Au Vent served with Bean Sprout Salad
Fifth Course - Roast
Roasted Leg of Lamb with Orange Mint Candied Carrots
Sixth Course - Entremets
Charcuterie Meats and Local artisan Cheese Board ; Parmesan Tomato Salad
Final Course- Dessert
Worthington Sticky Buns topped with Maple Ice Cream
Coffee to be served in the front Gallery after "going through".