PALMYRA TWP. (Wayne) - Progress is happening with Palmyra Township’s building expansion. At the October meeting, Supervisor Pete Steffen reported that a grant application has been submitted and now the supervisors must wait to see if a grant is secured.
Supervisor and Road Master Joe Kmetz said a 25 mile speed sign has been posted on Spruce Street. He told Hawley Borough Police Officer Shanequa Knecht who was at the meeting, that the officers have to “watch the traffic” and communicate with Chief Drake because it is what a property owner requested.
Kmetz said he spoke with members of the Hawley Borough Council about contributing $3,000 for the paving of Spruce Street, with the township paying the rest. Because “it was a joint effort” and there are many township residents who use Spruce Street, Steffen said the arrangement was sufficient with covering the cost of the road. Both Kmetz and Supervisor Bill Hamby agreed.
Township Secretary and Treasurer Lois Powderly reported that as of September 30 in the general checking account there was $218,877.35; in the state road account there was $125,562.68; in the building code account there was $30,299.79 and $5.00 remained in the sewer project; all totaling $374,744.82 and with CDs the grand total was $428,073.44.
For September, Powderly said income generated in the general account was $2,726.58; salaries for September totaled $3,639.14; and for July through September there was a grand total of $10,781.70; interest for the state road account generated $29.81 and permits for the building code account for the month totaled $3,341.60.
Hawley Police Officer Knecht reported that in September the department responded to: One disorderly conduct, one domestic disorder, one traffic citation, issued three warnings, one alarm call, served one warrant and made one arrest.
The Chief of the Hawley Fire Department, Scott Mead, reported that in September the volunteer firefighters responded to 14 calls that included: Mutual aid to Tafton once, Forest once, seven calls in Hawley Borough, one call in Palmyra Township Pike and four calls in Palmyra Township. Mead also reported that two new firefighters have attained the certification for Firefighter One, which is recognized nationally.
Zoning Officer Dennis Mynarski said there was a permit for a “halfway tear down” of a house to build a new one in the township that cost $687.10. Also, township resident Lisa Osborne had made a double payment of $200; rather than her required $100 monthly payment. As a result, she currently owes approximately $1,480 he said.
The next Palmyra Township (Wayne) Supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the office on Oak Street in Marble Hill.