PALMYRA TWP. (Wayne) - There’s a new business coming to Palmyra Township. The Wallenpaupack Brewing Company is in the midst of development, as the proprietors and visionaries; the Ryman family from Sullivan County New York are working on the project that is slated to open in July.

At the township’s January meeting, speaking on behalf of her family Becky Ryman gave an overview of the business that will be located on Route 6 where the  former Arby’s restaurant building has sat vacant for several years.

With a second home in the region and having visited Lake Wallenpaupack for years, Ryman said her family had questioned what could go where the restaurant is. Having come to know the area, the family saw “potential for tourism” and with a shared “passion” she and her brother Chris have for craft beer, they realized what was meant to be.

Not new to the business world, the sibling’s parents own LP Cylinder Service in Shohola and the former Altec Lansing building in Milford, which is rented to Econo-pak and Kolmar. For their business however, the siblings will run the brewery with Becky as the president and Chris as the vice president. They will be partnering however, with brewers David and Allie Johnson from Quakertown and together, Ryman said they are “bringing this brewery to Hawley.”

20-barrel brewery

Ryman, who is a certified public accountant, said once built the business will be large, since it will be a 20-barrel brewery. Such a size, Johnson explained is what the business will start with for distribution. Of their product, 60 percent will be keg that will eventually be distributed throughout the state.

The overall operation is set to be 60 percent manufacturing and 40 percent retail, selling more than just the beers, as there will be growlers which are jugs used to transport draft beer as well as food, Pennsylvania distilled liquors, wines and apparel. As for the food, in an email Ryman said the menu is “under development” but the specifics will be announced as the opening nears.

One half of the building will be a brewing pub and the other half a bar that Ryman said will not be “traditional.”

Currently, Johnson who will be the brewmaster said he has 25 recipes, but in a traditional brewery there are 10 to 12 on a rotating basis. For Wallenpaupack Brewing Company however, Ryman said they are considering six to seven core beers as their “staples” with a rotation of six other beers through the different seasons, including a blueberry porter beer that she personally likes.

Connecting with a distribution company from Pennsylvania, Johnson said the distributor has the largest “footprint” in the state, covering 21 counties. They are communicating with associates in New York and New Jersey as well. Working to make the company a “well-known brand” the family has joined with Ted Zeller who Ryman said is a recognized licensing attorney in the state. The relationship will create “distribution opportunities” throughout the tri-state area. For additional assistance with licensing and regulation, they have also spoken with Representative Mike Peifer.

The brewing process, Johnson said takes approximately four hours. But, they can continue to brew, as long as there is capacity to store the beer. The idea now, Ryman added is around two brews a week because they will be starting slow.

Ryman commended the township for the new sewer system, which she said was a key reason for the family’s selection of Hawley since there is “a lot of outputted waste” with brewing. While they have attained a regular G license that allows the business to stay open until midnight, as of yet the family has not determined the exact operating hours for the business.

July deadline

Also an educational experience, the family oriented business will offer children the chance to learn about carbonation since there will be a line of sodas as well as birthday parties where sodas can be made. Wallenpaupack Brewing Company, Ryman said will differ greatly from a bar restaurant because it will be “very chill” with a  lounge area. Now however, everything is dependent on if they can meet their “aggressive deadline” of July.

Looking to connect with the community, Ryman said there are plans for nonprofit activities. One such idea is “tap for a cause” where there is a beer of the month and the profits from that beer go to a local nonprofit.

Initially, as far as distribution, there will just be kegs Ryman said, because the smaller the size, the more expensive things are. But their license will allow the business on and off site consumption, so the growler at 64 ounce will be for sale. They however, cannot be wholesaled because they’re directly from the tap, so carbonation would be lost.

Although the old Arby’s building will be removed, Ryman said there is not a lot of “land disturbance.” The Rymans will not own the land, but rather lease the premise from Hawley Commercial Property LLC.  A lot consolidation plan was approved by the supervisors.

Employ up to 15

As for employment, Ryman said up to 15 people will be hired within the next year to work between the food and brewing areas. At this time, Ryman said a conditional use hearing is not planned.

Being where the old Arby’s is, in an email Ryman said the family is “excited to revitalize” that area. The hope is that Wallenpaupack Brewing Company will be the “community’s brewery.” Simply, “we’re excited” and the business is a “great fit for the area.”

For more information visit the Wallenpaupack Brewing Company’s website at or on Facebook at