Milford Borough is a community of parks. While Ann Street Park is its main public park (as well as the ball field), there are seven small parks tucked away, mostly on corners, which also need tender loving care.

MILFORD - Milford Borough is a community of parks. While Ann Street Park is its main public park (as well as the ball field), there are seven small parks tucked away, mostly on corners, which also need tender loving care. Recently, three local landscapers have stepped up to lend a hand in keeping them green and trim.

Letters sent by Milford Borough and the Milford Garden Club asking local landscapers to help. The letters have borne fruit.

They are May Brother's Landscaping (Aaron May), All Around Carpentry (Sam Rango) and Greening Landscape and Design (Kody Mitchele).

Mayor Sean Strub and Annette Haar, Chairwoman, Milford Parks and Recreation, co-signed the letter which was sent in February. Businesses were asked to become an inaugural sponsor of a new program, Operation Green Thumb, to provide care and maintenance of the small parks.

A suggestion had been made by Karen Cowern of the Garden Club, to find some landscapers to help the Club with care for the Borough’s seven small park areas. Mayor Strub then came up with the idea of Operation Green Thumb.

The landscapers were asked to take responsibility for cutting the grass, trimming shrubs and general maintenance. The Borough offered in return to provide significant recognition of their contribution.
The seven parks are listed below, with the landscapers that agreed to maintain them.

1. Kennedy Triangle Park, at Harford and 2nd Street, containing a Welcome to Milford sign, across from MidAtlantic Realty (May Brother’s)

2. Ethel Barckley Memorial Park, at the end of E. Ann Street below 2nd Street, which is a cul-de-sac overlooking the river (May Brother’s)

3. Remembrance Park, on W. Ann Street just beyond 7th Street (May Brother’s)

4. Biddis Park, E. High Street and Broad Street, next to the Tom Quick building (Greening)

5. Soldiers and Sailors Park, corner of Broad and East High and including the War Memorial monument, in front of Tom Duncan’s building (Greening)

6. Georgiana P. Kiger Park, on Broad Street across from the Columns museum near the Sunoco station and containing a Welcome to Milford sign (All Around Carpentry)

7. Jewelers Square, at Broad Street and E. Ann Street, a “corner parcklet” next to Fretta’s.
Jewelers Square is currently kept up by a personal friend of Dennis and Joe Fretta.

Councilwoman Haar commented about the landscapers that stepped up to help the parks. “We are very grateful to them and look forward to establishing and fostering a collaborate effort between these young men, the Garden Club and the Borough,” Haar said. “Their efforts will certainly be very beneficial to the Borough and we are thrilled to have them.”

Sam Rango took over Barry’s Lawn Service a few years ago, and like Barry he continued to hep maintain several of the parks. Haar said that when Aaron May and Kody Mitchele first responded to the letter, they each offered to take care of all of the small parks. “Everyone in Milford Borough is grateful to May Brothers Landscaping, Greening Landscaping and All-Around Carpentry for their generosity and leadership in stepping up to take care of the Borough's parks,” said Mayor Strub. “This kind of volunteerism is what makes Milford a special community and helps keep our public spaces as attractive and inviting as possible. We in the community can express our gratitude by keeping their firms in mind when we are looking for landscaping services.”

He credited Councilwoman Haar as the person responsible for organizing this effort.“She's put a lot of work into making this happen,” Strub said.

“Milford would not be as attractive a place as it is, nor would our quality of life be as good as it is, without the civic leadership and volunteerism demonstrated by so many of the residents in the area - both those who live in Milford Borough as well as some who don’t,” Strub stated. “We benefit greatly from having a community that is truly engaged and cares a lot about our town.”

The Mayor added that the Borough is in the midst of making some significant improvements to Ann Street Park, which is maintained by the Borough.

The Little League maintains the ball field during the baseball season. At other times, the Borough’s Streets Department takes care of it. The skate park is also maintained by the Streets Department.

Milford Garden Club provides a lot of other volunteer work in Milford, including care of the planters on corners throughout the commercial district.