PALMYRA TWP. (Pike) - Pending better determination of cost estimates, Palmyra Township (Pike) may plan work on several roads in 2017, saving a major reconstruction of Gumbletown Road for 2018.

Gumbletown Road is one of the most travelled township roads in Palmyra, and is in poor shape, supervisors noted at their April 4th meeting.

Maintenance Foreman Brian Mathews presented figures from past road projects to compare.
He showed three options for the entire 2.6 mile length of Gumbletown Road, the full 24 feet width. The first was an overlay, with binder and topcoat; a full-depth project with a small portion that could be skipped at the bottom of the hill to save some money; and a full-depth reconstruction from one end to the other.

Supervisor Eric Ehrhardt advised getting a better feel for what it will cost to pave the township parking lot (which will be covered by a grant) and the cost to tar and chip some roads. He suggested if using current funds they spent $100,000 to $200,000 to to fix what they can this year, they should let Gumbletown Road go this year since they will tear it all out anyway. Then go to bid in the fall so they are first on the list for the spring of 2018; funds that may be available next year could be invested in Gumbletown Road.

Three of the main township roads are Shiney Mountain Road, which was largely paved in 2016, Kimbles Road and Gumbletown.

Kimbles Road was completely reconstructed in the last few years, following the power line project in that area. Chairman Tom Simons said that people from Lackawaxen Township make a lot of use of Kimbles Road to reach Route 6, ever since Welwood Avenue was shut down in Hawley due to the Silk Mill.

Ehrhardt said that Gumbletown should be re-done so it won’t have be touched for quite a while, such as what they did with Kimbles Road. Mathews stated that, “Kimbles Road doesn’t have a crack in it.”

Mathews will also apply for state a Dirt & Gravel program grant for love-volume roads, to use on Pellet Road.

Administrator Jo-Ann Rose said that the township’s “bottom line” is currently good, and real estate transfer tax income is up.

Firmer cost estimates per mile will be gathered before the supervisors make a decision.
(More meeting items are planned for the print edition, April 15.)

The Palmyra Township Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the offices at 115 Buehler Lane, off Gumbletown Road. The office may be reached at 570-226-2230; see also