Wallenpaupack’s school calendar will be less one day of class time due to the emergency declaration Governor Wolf ordered when the blizzard struck Northeast Pennsylvania on March 14th.

WALLENPAUPACK - Wallenpaupack’s school calendar will be less one day of class time due to the emergency declaration Governor Wolf ordered when the blizzard struck Northeast Pennsylvania on March 14th.

Parents have already been notified of the calendar change. The District received the attendance waiver of one student day from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The final day of school for all students will be Friday, June 16, 2017. Seniors will not have to make up school on Saturday, June 10, as was previously announced.

Normally, all students are required to have 180 days of classroom time in a school year. Half-time pre-K and kindergarten must have 450 hours of instructional hours. Full-time kindergarten and elementary students must receive 900 hours of education, and secondary students must have 990 hours.

Because of the blizzard, Wallenpaupack schools were shut down four out of five days that week, without a complete way to make up the time even with adjustments around the Easter holiday.

The amended school calendar for the remainder of the year is as follows:
Thursday, June 15, 2017 - Full Day of School
Friday, June 16, 2017 - Last Day of School - Early Dismissal.
Graduation exercises are the evening of June 16.

Seniors honored

Superintendent Michael Silsby calls it “the highlight of their meeting” and the reason why they are there in the first place. All the budgets and programs they discuss would be for nought, he explains, without the students who apply themselves, learn, take advantage of opportunities they are given by the school, and prepare themselves for the future. The School Board recognized three more of their outstanding seniors, Class of 2017. They were noted for exemplary academic performance and wise use of extracurricular opportunities. All of them are in the National Honor Society.

Alexandra Squatrito is the daughter of Mary Schwartz and Anthony Squatrito and stepdad Thomas Schwartz.  She has been active with Student Council, Rachel’s Challenge, Girls’ Tennis, Skills USA and FCCLA. After graduation, Alexandra plans to attend Penn State University and major in Early Childhood Education. Kyle McDermott is the son of Kelly and Peter McDermott. Kyle has been active in Technology Club, Boys’ Soccer, Track & Field and Wrestling. He plans to attend Syracuse University to major in Aerospace Engineering and join AFROTC. Taylor Kryzan is the daughter of Kimberly and Joseph Kryzan. Taylor’s activities have included Foreign Language Club, Rachel’s Challenge, Volunteers in Paupack, SADD, FBLA, Environmental Club, Field Hockey, Cross Country, Swimming and Track & Field. Her goal is to attend Penn State University and major in Aerospace Engineering.

Assistant principal named

F. Delia Peppiatt, of Lakeville, was approved as the Wallenpaupack Area High School Assistant Principal, effective July 1, 2017. She has been serving as the Disciplinarian at North Intermediate School.

Marvin Davis was approved as a School Custodian at the Middle School and North Intermediate School, effective April 11.

Two resignations were accepted, with regret, of teachers at the High School. Both are retiring:
- Gene Shultz, Gifted Teacher, effective at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.
- Edward Wargo, Building Trades Teacher, effective September 29, 2017. Jessica Sutton, High School Communications Teacher, was approved for a Child Rearing Leave, March 31- April 10, 2017.

Mitchell Hubert was approved as a Substitute Teacher Assistant, and as a Guest Teacher.

Matthew Pelacacci was named as a Track & Field Volunteer Coach.

Two employees were accepted as full time, having completed their probationary period:
- Deborah Leighton, High School Secretary
- Mill Soler, North Primary School Teacher Assistant.

Mary Moore was approved as a Bus Driver.

Student, Maureen Auricchio, was approved as a Food Service Intern, working with Brenda Zeiler.

Among other items:

A total of $894,502.00 in contracts was approved for capital improvements. They include: General Construction, Charles W. Grimm Construction, $849,782.00; Mechanical Construction, L.H. Reed & Sons Inc., $28,880.00 and Electrical Construction, G.R. Noto Electrical Construction, Inc., $15,840.00. New policies were approved for Breach of Computerized Personal Information, and School-Affiliated Organizations. An intergovernmental agreement was approved between the School District and Northeast Educational Intermediate Unit (N.E.I.U.) #19. An agreement was approved with Beach Lake Sprinkler. An agreement was approved with Wayne County Office of Developmental Program & Early Intervention. An agreement was approved with NHS Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services.

The next Wallenpaupack School Board meeting is scheduled Monday, May 8 at 6 p.m. at the High School Library. A committee meeting precedes it at 5:30 p.m., also open to the public.

More information on the School Board meetings, including documents approved, may be found at www.wallenpaupack.org under “Board of Education” and “Board Docs.”