Candidate lists for the May 16, 2017 Primary Election ballot have been released by the Bureau of Elections in Wayne County, PA.

WAYNE COUNTY - Candidate lists for the May 16, 2017 Primary Election ballot have been released by the Bureau of Elections in Wayne County, PA.
A separate article will list who is on the ballot in Pike County, PA.

Write-ins could change it

Only a few actual ballot challenges are found, and in many cases there is a lack of Democratic candidates. Wherever there are empty offices on the ballot, however, could be filled by validated write-in votes.

In most case, it takes 10 valid write-in votes to fill an empty slot in the Primary. Exceptions are the race for Inspector of Election, which takes 5; Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, 250 and statewide judicial posts, 1000.

Actual ballot challenges in this year’s Primary are denoted by an asterisk (*).

One notable ballot race is that of the Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Wayne County, Pa. Because of the announced retirement of Judge Raymond Hamill, two candidates have stepped up to run for the Judge’s seat. They are Janine Edwards, currently Wayne County District Attorney, and Pamela Wilson, an attorney in private practice. Both have crossed filed on the Republican/Democratic tickets.

How many to vote for

In almost every case, voters can only choose one from the names listed for that race and within the voter’s party. Exceptions are noted below, which include races for Borough Council and School Board.

For instance, in the race for Berlin Township Supervisor, 6-year term, voters may only select one name. There are three candidates running on the Republican ticket. One will win the nomination. There is no one running on the Democratic ticket but potentially, that could change if there were at least 10 valid write-in votes for an individual, who agrees to accept the Democratic nomination. If that were to happen, the Republican winner would face a ballot challenge in the November election.

There are no county or municipal referendum questions on the ballot.

For all township races for supervisor, voters are asked to vote for one, for each term category.

In the list below, D = Democrat; R = Republican. Cross filed: D/R.

If the ballot post is blank, that means there is no candidate that filed.
Only Republicans and Democrats may vote in the Pennsylvania primary, and only within their party. An exception is for a referendum question, which anyone registered may cast a vote.


Justice/ Supreme Court (vote for one)
Dwayne Woodruff D
Sallie Mundy R

Judge/ Superior Court (vote for not more than four)
(*) Carolyn H. Nichols D; Geoff Moulton D; Maria McLaughlin D; Debbie Kunselman D; Bill Caye D
(*) Emil Giordano R; Craig Stedman R; Wade A. Kagarise R; Mary Murray R; Paula A. Patrick R

Judge/ Commonwealth Court (vote for not more than two)
(*) Timothy Barry D; Joe Cosgrove D; Ellen Ceisler D; Todd Eagen D; Irene M. Clark D; Bryan Barbin D
Paul Lalley R; Christine Fizzano Cannon R

There is a statewide referendum concerning raising the retirement age for justices of the Supreme Court, judges and magisterial district judges. A “YES” vote would allow judges to serve until being retired on the last day of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 75.


May 16, 2017

(*) Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
Janine Edwards R/D
Pamela Wilson R/D

School Director
Wayne Highlands-1 (vote for 2): Thomas Fasshauer D/R, John Lowe D/R
Wayne Highlands-2 (vote for 1): Gina Pritchard R
Wayne Highlands-3 (vote for 2): Kathleen Grandjean D/R, Heather Ann Stephens D/R
(*) Western Wayne-1 (vote for 2): Joe Gombita D/R, Ethan C. Wood D/R, Donald H. McDonough D/R, Andrew J. Gaudenza R
(*) Western Wayne-2 (vote for 1): Bernice Fiorella D/R, Ray Mitchell D/R
(*) Western Wayne-3 (vote for 1): Mike Ochlan D/R, Dana DeSiato D/R
Wallenpaupack Area (vote for 4): Paul Otway D/R, Michael J. Romeo Jr. D/R, John Kiesendahl D/R, Lisa Smith D/R
Forest City Regional-1 (vote for 1):
Susquehanna Community (vote for 1): Carol Jackson D

Borough Auditor 6 yr.
Prompton: April Mohrmann R
Starrucca: Waymart

Borough Auditor 4 yr.
Prompton: Waymart

Borough Auditor 2 yr.

••• Council

Bethany: vote for three: Christopher Peroni D, John Harvey R, Ruth Bairstow R
Hawley: vote for three: Ann Monaghan D, Christina Ferrara Murray D, Steven W. Vennie D

(*) Honesdale: four seats, four year: Tim Lauffenburger D, James Leo Brennan Jr D, Travis Rivera D, Bob Jennings R, Bill Canfield R
(*) Honesdale:  one seat, two year: Tim Lauffenburger D, James Leo Brennan Jr. D, Travis Rivera D

Prompton- vote for three: Kirk Fries D, Dale Odell R
Starrucca: three seats- four year: Jason Heeman D, Charles Levchak D
Starrucca: one seat- two year: Darl F. Haynes R

Waymart: four seats- four year: Jane M. Varcoe R, Theresa Podunajec Stratton R, Lilian Rollison R

Waymart: one seat- two year: Wayne W. Maychek D

••• Mayor

Hawley: David Kevin Hawk D
Honesdale: Melody Robinson D, Sarah Canfield R
Prompton: Stacy L. Wentzel R
Starrucca: Mary Ann DeBalko R
Waymart: Charles Chip Norella R

••• Township Auditor - six yr.

Berlin:  Susan Schmidt R
Canaan: Linda J. Mosher R
Cherry Ridge:
Clinton: Donald Salak D
Lake: Donna M. Pugh R
Mount Pleasant:
Oregon: Diana Richter R
Palmyra: Kathryne R. Ehwald R
Scott: Edwin E. Allen Jr. R
South Canaan:
Sterling: Carol Butler R
Texas: Lorraine M. Gallik R

••• Township Auditor - four yr.

Berlin: Donna Olver R
Lake: Bob Williams R

••• Township Auditor - two yr.

Sterling: Patricia Parini R

••• Supervisor- six year:

(*) Berlin:  Tom Miszler R; Cathy Hunt R; Gerald Liptak R
Buckingham: Bradley D. Shaffer D
Canaan: Ronald E. Shemanski R
Cherry Ridge: David Sporer D
Clinton: Russell Curtis D; Bonnie K. Johnson R
Dyberry: Kevin P. McGinnis R
Lake: Timothy Jaggars R
Lebanon: Bryan D. Utegg R
(*) Lehigh: Tony Perrotti D; Richard Major R; William Lewis R
Manchester: Donald Stalker R
Mount Pleasant: Francis M. Nebzydoski R
Oregon: Matthew Crum R
Palmyra: Joseph Kmetz R
Paupack: Lehigh G. Gilbert R
(*) Preston: Andrew Tyson R; Alan R. Jones R
Salem: Merel Jim Swingle R
(*) Scott: Erban C. Travis R; Nathan Eldred R
South Canaan: Michael W. Palkocic Jr. D; Walter Howell R
(*) Sterling: Roger E. Swingle R; Melvin Wheeler R
Texas: Don Doney R

••• Supervisor- four year:

Paupack: James R. Martin R

••• Supervisor- two year:

(*) Dyberry: Matthew C. Fritsch R; Gregory S. Reed R
(*) Scott: Russell G. Mosher R; Richard Burdick R

••• Tax Collector

Berlin: Brandy Freiermuth R
Bethany: Susan Kimble D
Buckingham: Michelle B. Hunt R
Canaan: Linda S. Davis R
Cherry Ridge: Edward L. Coar R
Clinton: Marianne L. Thorpe R
Damascus: Barbara Van Orden R
Dreher: Kathy Young R
Dyberry: Joan M. Donofry R
Hawley: Barbara Middaugh D
Honesdale: Coleen Tuman D
(*) Lake: Judith A. Harris R; Lindsay Swingle R; Michelle Valentino R
(*) Lebanon: Stephanie A. Roegner R; Tessa Bryant Jones R
Lehigh: Eileen Kohn D
Manchester: Beverly A. Gill R
Mount Pleasant: Clara Keast R
Oregon: Marie Bryant R
Palmyra: Joanne Kmetz R
(*) Paupack: Daniel Higgins R; Florence Peoples R
Preston: Suzanne W. Wormuth R
Salem: Marlene Yedinak R
Scott: Laura L. Travis R
South Canaan: Paula J. Herzog D
Sterling: Cindy Ziegler-Hefty R
Texas: John J. Haggarty R
(*) Waymart: Candy Carney R; Mary Bosshard R

••• Judge of Elections

Berlin 1: Nancy Bates R;
Berlin 2:
Bethany: Bob Longenecker R
Buckingham: Mary M. Reyes D
Canaan: Gloria Gebert R
Cherry Ridge: Mary Jane Burke D
Clinton 1: Gwen Poltanis R
Clinton 2: Kerry J, Hendeson R
Damascus 1: Melissa Rutledge R
Damascus 2: Gail Fasshauer R
Dreher: Linda G. Frick R
Dyberry: Nellie M. Nichols R
Honesdale 1:
Honesdale 2: Martha Bergesen R
Honesdale 3: Joseph Podrasky D
Lake: Carol Willams R
Lehigh: Kristen D. Cunningham R
Mount Pleasant:
Oregon: Jo Avery R
Palmyra: Rosemarie Meditz R
Paupack: Shirley Herr R
Preston: Duane Giles R
Prompton: Sharon Fries D
Salem: Kenneth Van Kleef R
Scott: Suzanne Tuttle R
Sterling: Doug E. Littleton R
South Canaan:
Texas 1: Eva G. Crocker R
Texas 2:
Texas 3: Elizabeth LaTournas Barnes R

••• Inspector of Elections

Berlin 1: Mary Iulo R
Berlin 2:
Bethany: Barbara Longenecker R
Buckingham: Adeline Heesh D; Vicky S. Shakelton R
Canaan: Donna LaBar R
Cherry Ridge: Rebecca Burke D; Kimberly Daniels R
Clinton 1: Christina L Salak D; Janet Curtis R
Clinton 2: Beverly J. Fitzsimmons D
Damascus 1: Tom Nalick R
Damascus 2: Angela Davis D; Theresa L. Henderson R
Dreher: Teri Field R
Honesdale 1:
Honesdale 2: Marilyn McElroy R
Honesdale 3: Mary E. Smith D
Lake: Janet Lee Edwards D; Carrie G. Boshinski R
Lebanon: Lynita Vail R
Lehigh: Barbara C. Phillips R
Manchester: Lois M. Young D
Mount Pleasant: Sandra J. Komar R
Oregon: Betty M. Hartman D
Palmyra: Della Galgan D; Linda Wlock R
Paupack: Maryann Vaccaro D; Kathleen Carlson R
Preston: Evelyn Hoops D; Alice M. Sampson R
Prompton: Lorna J. Fries D; Janet M. Odell R
Salem: Patricia Chapman D; Deborah Van Kleef R
Scott: Judith Present D; Natasha Tuttle R
South Canaan: Tammie L. Lamberton R
Starrucca: Nancy A. Kramer R
Texas 1: Debbie Swendsen D; Arlene Seig R
Texas 2: Jeanette Gardas D; Kim Mikulak R
Texas 3: Susan J. Graziadio D; Margaret M. Meszler R
(*) Waymart: Karen L. McElroy D; Susan Spewak R; Dawn Marie Lepkowski R.