(See full story for school board races.)

Judge- Janine Edwards
Berlin Twp. Supervisor- Cathy Hunt (R)
Dyberry Twp. Supervisor- Gregory S. Reed (R)
Honesdale Council- 2 yr. - James Leo Brennan Jr. (D)
Lehigh Twp. Supervisor - Richard Major (R)
Preston Twp. Supervisor - Alan R. Jones (R)
Scott Twp. Supervisor- 6 yr. - Erban C. Travis (R)
Scott Twp. Supervisor- 2 yr. - Russell G. Mosher (R)
Sterling Twp. Supervisor - Roger E. Swingle (R)
Tax Collector- Lake Twp. - Michelle Valentino (R)
Tax Collector- Lebanon Twp. - Stephanie A. Roegner (R)
Tax Collector- Paupack Twp. - Florence Peoples (R)
Tax Collector- Waymart Borough -Mary Bosshard (R)

Delaware Twp. Supervisor - Jane Neufeld (R)
Lackawaxen Twp. Supervisor - John W. Beisel (R)
Lehman Twp. Supervisor - Kathleen Simoncic (R)
Tax Collector- Delaware Twp. - Mary Lou Corbett (R)
Tax Collector- Lackawaxen Twp. - Frances E. James (R)
Tax Collector- Milford Twp. - Viola K. Canouse (R)


Edwards apparent nominee for WC Judge
Turnout: Wayne 43%; Pike 9% but no big contests

WAYNE & PIKE - The biggest primary election contest in Wayne County, May 16, 2017, was the race for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Unofficial vote tallies put District Attorney Janine Edwards as the clear nominee in both parties, with 58- 59% of the vote. Challenger, Pamela Wilson Esq. earned 39%.

The overall turnout in Wayne County was 43.26%, far exceeding Pike County’s dismal 9.47% where there was lacking any county-wide ballot challenges.

The ballot seat for judge opened up when Judge Raymond Hamill announced his retirement at the end of 2017.
The candidates’ support was nearly even between parties.

Assuming Edwards’ nomination is confirmed and takes the judge’s chair next January, by law the First Assistant District Attorney will be promoted to District Attorney. the First Assistant D.A. is currently Patrick Robinson.

The tally was as follows:
Edwards - Democrat, 1297 votes (58%); Republican, 3235 (59%)
Wilson - Democrat, 858 (39%); Republican 2146 (39%).

"I am honored to have been chosen by both the Republicans and Democrats as their candidate for Wayne County Court of Common Pleas Judge,” Edwards told The News Eagle. “The team effort of my committee, family and friends to succeed was remarkable and incredibly positive. I take great pride in the endorsements of my campaign by the state police and our correctional officers. All of Wayne County, from the farthest North to the furthest South, showed support in so many ways.  The job I do know as District Attorney for Wayne County is one of service to my community.  I take that very seriously and hope to continue to serve from the bench with the utmost integrity and strength."

On her campaign Facebook page, Wilson posted, “I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me and supported my campaign. Unfortunately we did not prevail but I deeply appreciate your support. Thank you.”


Generally, only the results for races where there were actual ballot challenges are reported here. Most races had only one person running, which would automatically guarantee their nomination, barring any successful write-in challenges.

Write-in vote results were not available as of story deadline. For more information, contact the Bureau of Elections in Wayne County at 570-253-5970 ext. 4003, or in Pike County, the Election Office at 570-296-3427.

R = Republican; D = Democrat.
Winners, according to unofficial results, are marked by as asterisk (*).


Turnout: Democrats, 23%; Republicans, 31%. Overall: 43.2%.

Hawley Borough Council (vote for 3):
Steven W. Vennie, D 65 *
Christina Ferrara Murray, D 63 *
Ann Monaghan, D 61 *

Honesdale Borough Council- 4 yr. (vote for 4)
Travis Rivera, D 167 *
James Leo Brennan Jr., D 146 *
Tim Lauffenburger, D 136 *

Honesdale Borough Council- 2 yr. (vote for 1)
James Leo Brennan Jr., D 104 *
Travis Rivera, D 74
Tim Lauffenburger, D 45

Berlin Twp. Supervisor
Gerald Liptak, R 108
Tom Miszler, R 124
Cathy Hunt, R 153 *

Dyberry Twp. Supervisor- 2 yr.
Matthew C. Fritsch, R 60
Gregory S. Reed, R 157 *

Lehigh Twp. Supervisor
Richard Major, R 102 *
William Lewis, R 66

Preston Twp. Supervisor
Andrew Tyson, R 44
Alan R. Jones, R 132 *

Scott Twp, Supervisor- 6 yr.
Erban C. Travis, R 47 *
Nathan Eldred, R 35

Scott Twp, Supervisor- 2 yr.
Russell G. Mosher, R 51 *
Richard Burdick, R 29

Sterling Twp. Supervisor
Roger E. Swingle, R 113 *
Melvin Wheeler, R 45

*** Tax Collector contests

Lake Twp.
Judith A. Harris, R 160
Lindsay Swingle, R 151
Michelle Valentino, R 182 *

Lebanon Twp.
Stephanie A. Roegner, R 65 *
Tessa Bryant Jones, R 35

Paupack Twp.
Daniel Higgins, R 16
Florence Peoples, R 209 *

Waymart Borough
Candy Carney, R 83
Mary Bosshard, R 102 *

*** School Board contests
(All but one candidate were cross-filed. Democrat votes are listed first, then Republican.)

Western Wayne Region 1, vote for 2
Andrew J. Gaudenzi ___(did not run as a Democrat);  123
Joe Gombita 149; 360 *
Ethan C. Wood 173 *, 439 *
Donald H. McDonough 158 *, 327

Western Wayne Region 2, vote for 1
Ray Mitchell 46; 198
Bernice Fiorella 131 *; 280 *

Western Wayne Region 3, vote for 1
Dana Desiato 102 *; 241
Mike Ochlan 65; 247 *


Turnout: Democrat, 9.9%; Republican, 13.5%; overall, 9.4%

Delaware Twp. Supervisor- 6 yr.
Ron Hough, R 140
Jane Neufeld, R 336 *

Lackawaxen Twp. Supervisor- 6 yr.
Albert Beisel, R 241
John W. Beisel, R 290 *

Lehman Twp. Supervisor, 6 yr.
Nelson Roig, R 19
Kathleen Simoncic, R 150 *

Dingman Twp. Constable
Walter Tomilowicz, R 111
John Crerand, R 236 *

*** Tax Collector Contests

Delaware Twp.
Yvonne Teta, R 155
Mary Lou Corbett, R 469 *

Lackawaxen Twp.
James Syre, R 82
Michelle Thompson, R 211
Frances E. James, 264 *

Milford Twp.
Viola K. Canouse, R 109 *
Karen Moriarty, R 28

Delaware Valley School Board- 4 yr., vote for 4
(Democratic votes are listed first, followed by Republican.)
Patricia McKinney, 351; 404
Felicia Sheehan, 352 *; 706 *
Cheryl R. Glenn, 350 *; 390
Pam Lufty, 389 *; 768 *
Jessica Adler Decker, 314; 703 *
Jack Fisher, 238; 586
Rosemary Walsh, 417 *; 588 *.