LACKAWAXEN TWP. - This year, roadwork is planned in Lackawaxen Township. At a recent township meeting, discussing a surplus in funds, Supervisor Chairman Michael Mancino said it was decided last year that there were to be no “major purchases” in 2016 that included vehicles or equipment. As well, there wasn’t any major roadwork done in 2016. By going a year without such expenditures, the idea was to figure a total needed to “run the township.” As a result of that decision, a surplus was made. Management of funds has stayed the same this year, but roadwork is planned Mancino said. 

The Mast Hope Mountain Community would like to install an ATV training center. Sheldon Langer is the only instructor in Pike County who can certify riders and so, an area in the community is needed to train. Open to everyone, in Mast Hope quads are allowed and there are 600 registered. The training is not specific to Mast Hope alone.

The township’s nonprofit Growing Lackawaxen is in development. The initial setup cost to create the 501c3 is $500, which the board approved.

Bernard Knapp was hired to join the township’s road crew. Knapp has a CDL license, which Mancino said is a requirement for road crew employees. Knapp’s rate of pay is $17.50. There will be a performance review in 90 days.

The board passed a resolution to acknowledge expenditures the board makes when making payments from the general fund.

Budget adjustments

A second resolution was created by the board because adjustments to the 2017 budget was needed to fund a new equipment storage shed. The shed is needed explained Mancino, because when trucks and equipment aren’t kept in the garage, they are outside. So, the township received a $116,000 grant for a 60 by 40 storage shed. But, because $30,000 more is needed looking at the budget, it was discovered that money set for an assistant secretary wasn’t filled. So, $10,000 was taken from that, leaving $21,000 still needed. Again, looking at the budget, $10,000 was taken from funds set aside for the maintenance of trucks and vehicles.

Then there is $150,000 in the public works payroll, which Mancino said is basically for the road crew, excluding Supervisor Road Master Albert Beisel. So, not expecting to need it all, $10,000 was taken from there allowing the board to collect $30,000 for the project.

A member of the public questioned a 40 by 60 building costing $159,000. The structure will be steel, Beisel explained because the holes can’t be dug and so, a slab will be poured. The member of the public told the board they were wasting money with a steel building, since it’s going to be a storage building. Beisel said the building doesn’t have to be insulated because it is just for storage. The man said the same building could be constructed for $30,000 and the $60,000 could go for roads. But, Solicitor Tom Farley explained that because the grant was for a steel shed, the money has to be used for a steel shed. Despite that, the man said grant money comes from taxes and so while its “free money” for the board, it comes from the public. It is not a matching grant. Mancino said the prior administration filed for the grant.

Also discussed

The Tennessee Pipeline wanted to use roads in Lackawaxen Township. Farley explained that, because of that, a bond for roadwork was needed in case there was to be damage to the township roads. Farley asked Beisel to take pictures of the roads prior. After reviewing the agreement, Farley “found it acceptable.” And so, the board approved the road maintenance agreement between the township and Tennessee Pipeline.   The township cleanup will occur June 3 at the township building from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The board approved seeking bids to demolish and remove the Dawson property. Despite the Dawson property being in a private community, because the residence is within the township, there is an “obligation” to secure the residence Farley said. The home was destroyed by a fire. The board made a $250 donation to the Pike County Library. The board made a $250 donation to the Pike County Humane Society. The board also made a $250 donation to Dessin Animal Shelter.