MILFORD - On Saturday, May 20, the Delaware Valley Democratic Club will sponsor a benefit for recent refugee immigrants residing in neighboring Allentown, Pennsylvania. The dinner event, “Make Room at the Table for Refugees in NEPA”  will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at 21 East Main St., Port Jervis, NY.

Wave of isolationism

Ed Gragert of the Delaware Valley Democratic Club offered the following comments:
“A wave of isolationism has swept through the United States, but many of us still remember the America we once were. In that America, our diversity was our strength and a lady in a harbor stood as a proud symbol of this nation’s tolerance and acceptance of newcomers.

“No election result can change what’s in our hearts. No administration can change what we believe in or keep us from extending our hand in welcome, friendship, and assistance to those who need it the most.  There is still so much we can do – and most of it can start very close to home.  

“Unless you can trace your roots back to Native Americans, we are all immigrants and descendants of immigrants.  These families from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea, and Myanmar, who now live in Allentown, are refugees no more.  

“They have now found their home and it is our shared American home.  

“Please help them to truly feel your welcome and your support.

“In so doing, we might all feel like we are still living in the America we once knew.”

About the dinner

The dinner is a catered four-course meal. Music will be provided for your dancing and listening pleasure by The Little Big Band Group. There will be a short program featuring Twila Smith, Director of Refugee Community Center, and videos from refugee families in Allentown.

The proceeds of the benefit will go towards supporting the settlement program of the Refugee Community Center of the Church of the Mediator in Allentown.

Dinner cost is $100.00 per person, which is tax deductible.
There is a limited number of guests that the venue can accommodate.
Send an email to delawarevalleydems for space availability.

The Delaware Valley Democratic Club (DVDC) is a committed group of individuals in Pike County and surrounding Delaware Valley communities who share a commitment to Advance Justice, Respect & Equality. The DVDC gathers monthly and engages in actions and activities that further this goal and oppose the Trump agenda.

For more information on the “Make Room at the Table for Refugees in NE PA” dinner or on DVDC, visit  or contact: Reggie Cheong-Leen 646-315-2247 or Ed Gragert, 646-361-7799.