HONESDALE - Janine Edwards, Wayne County District Attorney, announced June 1 that Steven Frank Wojtowicz, age 32, of Beach Lake was sentenced by President Judge Raymond L. Hamill to eight to 22 years in a State Correction Institution for Attempted Homicide (F1), Terroristic Threats (M1) and DUI (M1) of a four year old boy.

The Attempted Homicide charge was the result of an attack on the child, which began on Monday afternoon November 7, 2016, at a residence on Perkins Pond Road, in Berlin Township. Wojtowicz punched and slapped the child’s mother, after getting agitated at the mother.

Wojtowicz then repeatedly hit and threw the child. Wojtowicz threw the child head first into the arm of a couch saying that he hoped the child’s neck would break. Wojtowicz made numerous other threats to the boy’s mother regarding killing her and the child including burying them in a shallow grave in the swamp behind the house.

The attack on the boy’s mother and the child started around 3:30 p.m. and lasted for approximately one hour. Wojtowicz left the residence and then returned to continue to punch, kick, and punch the child.

The mother was eventually able to take the child and escape from Wojtowicz and run to a neighbor’s house with Wojtowicz in pursuit. Wojtowicz was unable to gain entrance into the neighbor’s house and the neighbor called the State Police. Wojtowicz fled and the State Police were able to apprehend Wojtowicz and arrest him within hours.

In addition to the Attempted Homicide of the child, a 1st degree felony, Wojtowicz  was also sentenced for making Terroristic Threats to the boy’s mother, a 1st degree misdemeanor.

In an unrelated case Wojtowicz was sentenced to DUI, a 1st degree misdemeanor, as the result of a September 10, 2016 matter occurring prior to the above incident, when Wojtowicz was driving a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana and alcohol (BAC .130%). Wojtowicz had three small children in his vehicle at the time, including the young boy he tried to kill in the above matter.  

Janine Edwards stated, “Wotjowicz was charged with Attempted Homicide and he pled guilty to Attempted Homicide and was sentenced by Judge Hamill today. Gratefully this child did not suffer any serious, permanent physical injury as a result of this outrageous attack. He did suffer and continues to suffer the consequences of a very serious emotional injury. Some people deserve to spend a long time incarcerated as a result of their actions. This defendant is one of those people.”