PALMYRA TWP. (Pike) - A long-time issue of sewage discharge violations at Neville Trailer Park in Salem Township was settled out of court, said Nick Spinelli, Administrator, Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District (LWWMD).

He was briefing the LWWMD board, May 17th, about the matter, which came to the District’s attention in 2013 by the Township.

At that time, the District wrote to the Governor’s Office asking them to help expedite the process of fixing the issue with the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Township and the landowner.

Violations, however, continued. Requirements placed on the trailer park’s owner were not adhered to.

This month, Spinelli was asked to attend a hearing in County Court. He and their solicitor, Anthony Waldron, were prepared to testify that morning (May 17). As it turned out, they did not have to, as the party involved reached a settlement.

Spinelli related that the stipulated settlement will require the trailer park owner to meet certain terms, and if found in violation, the owner could be held in contempt.

In July 2013, Attorney General Kathleen Kane reported that the trailer park founder was charged with a violation of the Clean Streams Law. The discharge was emptying into Wilcox Creek, a tributary to Lake Wallenpaupack. Complaints were cited back to 2008.
Spinelli said he was surprised when he had the call about the court hearing, since he thought the matter had been resolved in 2013.
The trailer park opened in 1981.

Also discussed

Approval was given to seek prices for another printer to design a new brochure describing LWWMD’s mission in oversight of Lake Wallenpaupack’s water quality. The brochure will be included in the spring appeal letter, which is going to a broader range of residents within the watershed, to hopefully pick up new donors. Alex Zidock, board member, expressed surprise to hear an announcement on a local radio station for the annual Cleanup Day at Lake Wallenpaupack, which is supposed to be by invitation only. Letters are sent to lakefront owners with the date and time, to bring in Styrofoam pieces from docks, wood and metal from docks, that litter the lake’s shore each year. Brookfield Renewable provides the trash containers; LWWMD volunteers are involved in receiving and sorting the junk for disposal. Spinelli met with Wallenpaupack 10th graders during two school-sponsored “Bio Trips” that came to see what the Watershed District is doing to protect the lake quality. He will also attend the Middle School’s Environmental Camp at Camp Watonka. The Hideout P.O.A. is resubmitting an application for an Act 13 Watershed Restoration Protection grant in the amount of $276,445 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority. The LWWMD, being a non-profit organization, is serving to administrate the application. The Hideout is seeking the funds to design and install a stormwater conveyance system to reduce non-point source pollution loading, at Roamingwood Lake. The District approved a resolution to that effect.

LWWMD board of directors meets on the third Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., at the Environmental Learning Center. For more information on their mission, how to protect the lake and what can be done to support their efforts, call 570-226-3865 or visit