WHITE MILLS - The Wayne County Historical Society (WCHS) has announced that the public is welcome to attend their 100th anniversary symposium at no charge, to hear the speakers. The event is this coming Saturday, June 24, at the Dorflinger Factory Museum in White Mills.

This change has been made to allow more people an opportunity to come and enjoy the event, learn about Wayne County history and the story behind the Society’s first hundred years, Juan Espino, chairman of the symposium, explained.

This does not include the meals; anyone wishing to reserve for the entire event which includes breakfast and lunch, may do so this week. Otherwise, anyone is welcome to attend the program for free.

Dorflinger Factory Museum is located just off Route 6, Main Street in White Mills, at the blinking light. There is parking in the back. The address is 8 Elizabeth Street.

This day-long symposium will be jam packed with local history, told by local historians, business personalities, and veterans and moderated by WVIA television personality Lisa Mazzarella.

“For those who love history and Wayne County this is not to be missed,” said Society officials.
The format for the event will be a program of speakers and panels presenting on:  Agricultural Heritage, Industrial Heritage, The Growth of Tourism and Hospitality, The Banking Industry, People who Made Wayne County Great, and a special section on Defending our Nation which will include Veteran speakers and historic letters from past wars.

The day will wrap up with a brief history of the Wayne County Historical Society with County Historian, Peter Becker.
During the symposium, copies of the newly published book celebrating the centennial of the Wayne County Historical Society, will be available for sale. The richly illustrated book contains a detailed account of the Society’s first 100 years, and descriptions- with pictures- of the 100 objects in the Society’s new exhibit at their main museum, “The History of Wayne County, Pennsylvania Told in 100 Objects.”


For those coming for the entire event, the program starts with registration and breakfast at 8 a.m.
Anyone is welcome to attend at any portion between breakfast and lunch, or in the afternoon; the symposium concludes at 4 p.m.

Here is the speaker schedule:
8:45 a.m. Welcome and introduction - Kelly Alogna and James K. Asselstine
9- 9:15 a.m. Opening remarks- Wayne County Commissioners
9:15- 9:45 a.m. People Who Made Wayne County Great - Ann O’Hara
9:45- 10:15 a.m. Wayne County’s Rich Agricultural Heritage - Linda Lee
10:15-10:30 a.m. Break
10:30- 11:15 a.m. Wayne County’s Banking Industry - The Engine Supporting the Local Economy. Panel: Mark Graziadio, Honesdale National Bank; Lewis J. Critelli, Wayne Bank; Gary C. Beilman, The Dime Bank. Moderator: Lisa Mazzarella
11:15 a.m. - 12 p.m. Wayne County’s Industrial Heritage: Transportation, Textiles & Glass Herirage. Panel: S. Robert Powell, Ph.D.; Grant Genzlinger and James K. Asselstine. Moderator: Lisa Mazzarella

(Lunch 12-1:30 by paid reservation)

1:30- 2:15 p.m. The Growth of Tourism & Hospitality in Wayne County. Panel: Carol Dunn, Justin Genzlinger, Leonard and Marjorie Schwartz. Moderator: Lisa Mazzarella
2:15- 3 p.m. Defending Our Nation. Moderator: Lisa Mazzarella. Introduction by Thomas Virgilio, Prof. Emritus, King’s College. Sally Talaga, Letters from the Past. Panel: Scott Ogden, WWII veteran; Clayton Crum, Korean War veteran; Don Wilmot, Vietnam veteran; Maria Baldwin, Korean War veteran.
3- 3:45 p.m. History of the Wayne County Historical Society - Peter Becker, Wayne County Historian.


For those wishing the whole package, with breakfast and lunch, forms can be obtained at the WCHS or reservations can be made over the phone using a credit card.

For more information or to register, please stop in at the Wayne County Historical Society, 810 Main Street in Honesdale, call 570-253-3240, see the website www.waynehistorypa.org , or visit the Society’s Facebook page.