MILFORD BOROUGH - Rose Chiocci, Pike County Public Library Director, presented her final plans to Milford Council in June, for the “Free Library in the Park” which she would like placed next to a bench behind the gazebo.

The installation will be about the size of a birdhouse where books will be placed for the public to “take a book, place a book”. The library will monitor the installation.

The placement will be the first of several planned throughout the county and was approved by council.

Brew Pub or Microbrewery?

A public hearing on the adoption of a curative amendment to the Milford Borough Zoning Ordinance to correct the use classification for microbreweries was opened for discussion at the June Council meeting by Vice President Megan Kameen with note made that no vote would be held at this meeting.

Borough resident Matthew Osterberg, Pike County Commissioner raised concern that since the existing ordinance was enacted in 2008, that there must have been reasons for the distinction between the uses and that without the presence and input of Carson Helfrich, community planner, to explain the reasoning behind the original ordinance, it is premature to make any changes to the existing ordinance.

His concern was that although both uses allow for production of 15,000 gallons of malt beverages per year, the microbrewery classification would likely produce much more truck traffic to the site as there would be no restaurant license affiliated and therefore it would be more of a production facility 

During 2015-2016 PA state law governing brew pubs and microbreweries underwent many changes. A brew pub requires two different licenses and requires 30 seats and food service while microbreweries may have tastings.

Karl Wagner brought up that by law, the county planning board should have received notice of the public hearing 30 days prior to the hearing; however, planing only received notice of the hearing on the Friday preceding the hearing. Solicitor Anthony Waldron conceded that Wagner was correct. So further action was tabled until the July monthly council meeting on the10th.

Shade Tree Commission Report

Shade Tree Commission chairperson Valerie Meyer asked about determining the ownership of a large sugar maple tree. Solicitor Waldron suggested to ask the property owner if there is a survey or if possibly it is mentioned specifically in the deed.

The property owner claims the tree to be on their property and wants to take the tree down at their own expense, but Meyer is questioning the ownership of the property. Attorney Waldron suggested having the tree inspected by a professional to determine if the tree is a danger and should be removed. He also suggested going to Pike County Mapping and seeing what could be found out on their maps.

Meyer also asked that the pavers that were located could be installed in front of the Dunkin Donuts store. Milford Enhancement Committee representative Bill Kiger suggested that volunteers could be found to install the pavers.

Two part-time police officers added

Mayor Sean Strub announced that two additional part time police officers have been found who are act 120 certified. Stephen DeVore and Kenneth Wernick both have extensive experience and have been recommended by Chief DeSilva for hiring. Also Strub recommends hiring an additional part time police officer, former officer Don Quick with a conditional offer pending recertification.

Trim vegetation

Streets Committee Chair Rob Ciervo issued a plea for residents whose property abuts the alleys in the borough to fulfill their legal obligation to keep the vegetative growth cut back to a height of 12 feet to allow safe passage of borough vehicles including the garbage truck with workers riding on same when collecting trash.

Borough Secretary resigns

Mayor Strub presented Borough Secretary Pamela Ahlstrand with a beautiful plant thoughtfully picked out by councilwoman Annette Haar in recognition of her diligence and hard work keeping the borough office operating on a daily basis and her liaison with current council members.

Milford Borough Council meets on the first Monday of the month unless that date falls on a Legal Holiday when the meeting would move to the second Monday at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, 109 West Catharine Street.

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