MILFORD - The streets of Milford were lively during the annual Music Festival this past weekend.
Musicians from the Tri-State area and beyond were at various locations singing, playing and just talking with folks who might have stopped by to hear them play.

An annual event, there were performers located throughout town jamming at various times as well as musicians not scheduled who decided to join in the fun. Such was the case with Beatles fans Michael Cancemi and Tom Bechtler who happened to have their guitars. Cancemi who has a second home in the area, had been played since 1991 because the “rhythm” of the guitar he said. The Beatles, are his favorite because they are “magical.”

Bechtler started playing the guitar nearly 30 years ago, when he was stationed in Key West. Playing the guitar, Bechtler feels releases stress. Together in Milford, the friends belong to the Circle Jam where they play around town.

While waiting for friends to arrive, CJ Pallini jammed by himself Saturday. For the time being, playing is a hobby of Pallini’s, but he hopes to make it something more and that was his reasoning for performing during the festival Saturday. Pallini said he can play pretty much anything, but he is still “trying to find that niche.” While he has been singing his whole life, Pallini has only played the guitar for 10 months because he decided to start he said. Now, he loves it. Pallini does play the piano some too.

Andy Eulau was on bass with Junior Mac on guitar and George Stalter on the drugs near Chant Relators Saturday afternoon. Eula and Mac were in town because Stalter who owns the Beer Barn, called them. Saturday was Eulau’s first time performing in Milford, but he has been playing with Mac for years. Playing, Eulau said is what he loves to do because it allows him to be creative and the music “touches people” differently than speech. During his career, Eulau has traveled the world and it is through music, he feels able to communicate with others no matter where they are. Eula said Milford was “great” because the weather was wonderful and everyone was very friendly. He arrived in Milford after playing in New York City Friday night. The vibe in Milford, Eulau described as “happy, mellow” during a “nice family day.”

Mac has been playing guitar for 49 years, because he was “attracted to the sound of music” specifically that of the guitar he said. The guitar, Mac feels chose him. Playing blues based music, Mac again feels the genre chose him, but he thinks the music has “a lot of feeling.” While the musicians will play anywhere, they plan in New York City often. Milford, Mac called a “nice quaint town.”

Stalter has been playing the drums since he was 10, for no “particular reason” he said. When playing, Stalter goes to a “happy place.” Stalter happened to know Eulau and Mac because he was a music producer in Manhattan.

Donna and Tom Lisowski were n Milford from Peckville Saturday. The couple however, weren’t expecting a Music Festival. Donna called the day “fabulous” as they were “pleasantly surprised.” The live music was great because people were rocking, Tom said. Donna liked how excited the crowd was.

For 12 years, Andrew Garrison has been playing the guitar. Playing, he said, “is a lot of fun” but really there are no words to explain what music means to him. Garrison was playing with Samuel Goldstein who has been playing for 20 years. Also playing with the men was Ruben Austin who called music “magical” because it can change a person’s mindset. Playing is one of Austin’s “passions” and the day he said, was “unbelievable.”

Walking through Milford Saturday afternoon, Ann Gawronski said the festival was “pretty good.” She attends the event every year and Saturday she was with her friend Dana Prescia who said the musicians were “absolutely great.”