LACKAWAXEN TWP. - The most recent Lackawaxen Township workshop was historically shorter then previous meetings, but items were still discussed.

In the past, Supervisor Jeffrey Shook said the workshops had become a time where items on the agenda were the focus and that was not the purpose of the workshop; as a result, the May workshop as well as future ones will be about the public’s thoughts or concerns. At the May workshop however, the public had questions regarding speed bumps, a newsletter and payment for fire hydrants.

Peter Torchio of Masthope attained 125 names in an effort to petition the township for specific speed bumps in the community. The speed bumps that should be installed, Torchio believes, ought to be one inch high and 24.8 feet long, and paved into the ground. With these specific speed bumps, people would drive up to the bump and then drive down, going 15 miles an hour. Torchio presented the board with images of the speed bumps he was suggesting. As of the meeting, Shook said the board hadn’t done anything this year regarding speed bumps.

Lori Guzda, who has been maintaining the township’s social media gave the public an update on the newsletter that will be available at some point in September. Creating the newsletter has been a learning process, Guzda said, and it will offer information regarding community events such as a pumpkin party later this year. There is an outline for the township’s community garden with a “beautiful plan” that will be built next year. The beds of the garden will be leased by individuals and fenced in with water available. The garden will start with 20 to 24 beds the first year, because of the feedback the township received from a public survey that helped to determine how many are interested in participating. Guzda said people have offered to sponsor children’s groups, which shows that the garden’s initial purpose of creating community spirit has been achieved. As well, the township is now on Twitter and Instagram.

Members of the public expressed their thoughts on the township’s continued struggle with running the township’s website. Guzda called maintaining the website a “constant work in progress” as she has to seek information to post and then go back and forth exchanging information to determine what should be posted. Because of what it takes to run the site, if anyone is interested in helping, Guzda welcomed their desire to support. As an outside contractor, Guzda said she is trying to fix the website, but it is a process and by the June meeting she promised that meeting minutes will be listed. For more information visit

As for the township paying for fire hydrants in the different communities, Supervisor Albert Beisel explained that the communities pay the township to take care of the hydrants and then the township pays the hydrant company. This process, Solicitor Tom Farley said, saves the associations money. He noted, however, that taxpayer funds aren’t used.