Bobble heads and a toy racing car were passed around among an admiring board of school directors, Monday night, June 19th, as several Engineering & Technology students showed off their creations and applied knowledge of science and math.

WALLENPAUPACK - Bobble heads and a toy racing car were passed around among an admiring board of school directors, Monday night, June 19th, as several Engineering & Technology students showed off their creations and applied knowledge of science and math.

Their teacher, David Heckman, said he “hobby teaches” as he shares his passion for science with the kids. He called himself “very lucky” as he able to guide his students to apply science and math they have been learning their entire time in school.

Recounting the 2016-2017 school year, he said it was very successful, starting with the first level certification under the PA Department of Education’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. Students were taught to solve problems, and received a body of technical skills that have been found lacking among high school and college graduates, he said.

Over 120 students took part.

A Penn State Wilkes-Barre teacher came to the class, to do a workshop on electronics and drones. Justin Hoffman, a WAHS graduate and engineer with Kiley Associates, came and taught the class about retaining walls.

The class also toured the Sutphen fire engine manufacturing plant at the Sterling Business Park, and toured the construction site of the Wallenpaupack Brewery. They also placed first and fourth with two teams at the Warrior Engineering Competition, held at Delaware Valley.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Heckman stated that they plan to introduce the second level certification in Engineering Technologies, which involves robotics, electronics and power control. Industrial certification will also be offered with Auto Tech, offered through the Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance.

The students took turns discussing several of their projects with the school board.

The bobble heads were fashioned to resemble the students on the team, who had their own heads scanned in three dimensions.

Engine parts and a toy race car, were modeled with a 3-D printer.

Then there was the “Raspberry Pi Powered Arcade Machine.” A small computer was used to run arcade games. They manufactured the exterior of the machine.

Another project was the “Augmented Reality Sand Box.”

Lastly, the students presented a large Wallenpaupack school crest which they made in class, in conjunction with the Art Club. Mr. Heckman suggested that the Administration may wish to hang it in the District Office.

Tax rates approved

The final budget was approved for the 2017-2018 School Year. Pike County real estate taxes were set at 72.3522 mills. Wayne County real estate taxes were set at 14.6748 mills. The Real Estate Transfer Tax was set at 1%.
This budget, which was tentatively adopted May 8, contains expenditures of $71,915,869.00 and revenue of $70,966,725.00. Lisa Tait, District English/Language Arts Supervisor, reviewed the successes of the past school year, in which they implemented the American Reading Program for K-3rd grade. In 2017-2018, the program is being expanded through 6th grade. Brett Buselli was approved as the new Assistant Principal at the Wallenpaupack Area Middle School. William Theobald was named Assistant Principal at the Elementary School.
Superintendent Michael Silsby stated that these are the last assignments in a “domino affect” created by the retirement of Dr. Joann Hudak, as Assistant Superintendent. In February, the school board agreed that Keith Gunuskey, who has been Principal at the Middle School, will be promoted to Assistant Superintendent. Chairman John Spall thanked the Board, Administration and other personnel for their roles in conducting another successful graduation exercise, which was held in the gymnasium, June 16th. There were 256 graduates.

Pay rates

Substitute guest teacher pay was set at $95/day, $57/half day. Substitute guest teacher pay was set at $85/day, $51/half day. Substitute registered nurse pay was set at $20/hour. Substitute support personnel hourly pay was set at: Cafeteria, $8.06; Custodian, $9.25; Teacher Assistant, $8.18; Secretary, $8.51. Student worker rate was set at $7.30/hour. Pay rate for traffic control and District employee bus drivers was set at $15.05. An hourly rate of $20.60/hour with a minimum of $54.59 per activity was set for school police at District functions. District pay rate for drivers was set at $19.31 per hour.

More personnel items:

Several resignations were accepted:
Jason Engerman, High School Mathematics Teacher Ellide Provenzano, Middle School Health & Physical Education Teacher Lora Desher, Middle School Cafeteria Katherine Mills, Middle School Cafeteria Rosemary Shevchuck, Middle School Cafeteria Jane McCormick, High School Family & Consumer Science Teacher Joanne Wilde, High School Nurse Tina Augello, North Primary School Teacher Assistant. Substitute appointments were made:
Jillian Feese, Elementary K-6, Mid-Level English 6-9; Mid-Level Math 6-9; Family & Consumer Science PK-12 Kerry Cardone, Secretary, Teacher Assistant Josephine DelVillar, Custodian Allison Marone, Custodian Dawn Rose, Custodian. Long-term substitutes:
James Bryan, for Kimberly Vogt, North Primary Title I Math & Science Teacher Tanya Olson, for Gia Anagnos-Micciche, High School Special Education Teacker Mark Van Acker, for Ashley Liptak, High School Social Studies Teacher Victoria Waldron, for Cynthia Tilger, Middle School Mathematics Teacher Pamela Wheatly, for Shari Gigantino, South Elementary School Teacher. Patrick Ingulli was approved as a Guest Teacher. Child rearing leave was approved for Misty Tuite, North Primary School Teacher Assistant, effective June 2, 2017 for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year. Child rearing leave was approved for Cynthia Tillger, Middle School Mathematics Teacher. The following were approved as volunteer football coaches: Pat Ingulli, Sandon Herzlich, Caleb Vogler and Justin Haney. Timothy Bucksbee was approved as a van/bus driver.

Skip July meeting

Summer office hours were scheduled: June 19- August 18, Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m.- 3 p.m. All offices except the District Office will be closed on Fridays.The next school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 21 at 6 p.m. in the High School Library. A committee meeting, also open to the public, precedes it at 5:30 p.m.

For details about the school board meeting, visit; click Board of Education and then BoardDocs.