PAUPACK TWP. - Rolly’s Pizza & Grill will not be serving ice cream this season. Following a conditional use hearing in June, the Paupack Township Board of Supervisors gave restaurant owner Rolly Williams eight conditions that included lighting needing to be shielded from the highway, a third access road must be blocked, Williams must follow all federal state regulations and laws while operating and the hours of operation will be restricted to 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week April 1 to October 31.

A few weeks after the hearing, Williams told The News Eagle he would not have ice cream this year “due to lost time.”
Once he has the frozen treat though, he will be hiring six to eight more seasonal employees.

The dispute between two neighbors regarding home maintenance may soon be over. After District Magistrate Judge Bonnie Carney ordered a homeowner to clean up his property and pay $2,000, Solicitor Ron Bugaj reported that the resident had done “a lot of work to clean up the property.” While he wasn’t finished as of the June meeting, the homeowner had hired a lawyer who is a “reasonable person” seeking additional time to finish the work. At the July meeting, Bugaj figured a final report regarding the homeowner maintenance issue would be given.

With the paving of the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Company’s parking lot being completed, a grant the township secured through the Department of Community and Economic Development is finished.

The multi-municipal comprehensive plan update continues, as representatives from Hawley Borough, Palmyra Township and Paupack Township take part in training sessions. With three training sessions to cover, two remain about the plan. The upcoming sessions will be about subdivisions, land developments, zoning and more. The project, Supervisor Jim Martin said is “moving along.”

Paupack Township is looking into the new Act 172 that has been passed in the Commonwealth. The purpose of the Act, is to give municipalities up to a 20 percent tax reduction on local municipal taxes to volunteer fire fighters and ambulance members said Martin. There are plans on contacting Senator Lisa Baker to learn if there is a “flexility on giving 100 percent relief on local tax” he said. With the Act, local municipalities have requirements to completed, as do fire companies.

Work continues for the zoning ordinance. While there may be a hearing in August to review the recommendations, Bugaj said it might not be the final recommendations because the ordinance is “complicated.” The board agreed to advertise for a public hearing for the revised zoning ordinance to be held, September 21 at 5:30 p.m. at the township building.

A rundown residence on Lakeshore Drive has one neighbor concerned. No one lives in the home and now with broken doors, the man said kids are hanging out in the home. To address the matter, Supervisor Chairman Bruce Chandler said it “falls under property maintenance” so the homeowner will receive a legal notice. While it is a “slow process,” the matter will get addressed he said.

The next Paupack Township supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for  Thursday, July 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the township building on Daniels Road in Lakeville.