PALMYRA TWP. (Pike) - While the public enjoys the many events and activities of Wally Lake Fest, there are volunteers behind these scenes spending many hours to help kept a good day for everyone. Among them are the volunteer fire police that control traffic.

Tafton Fire Company is asked every year for help with traffic on Route 6 at Lake Wallenpaupack, where several of the main features of the late August event take place. These include the arts and crafts fair being the Visitors Center, the floating music stage, live music at the beach, kayak rentals, fly fishing and a sailboat regatta.

Tom Simons, chairman of the Palmyra Township Board of Supervisors, related a question at their second meeting in June, about if fire police from other departments could be covered under Worker’s Compensation insurance. There was a concern that Tafton may not have enough fire police to cover the hours requested, and need to rely on help from neighboring fire departments. Keith Williams, who chairs the Wally Lake Fest committee, needs to know there will be adequate number of people who can provide traffic control.

Administrator Jo-Ann Rose checked with the township’s insurance company. She reported at the July 5th meeting, that the townships or borough where the other fire departments would contribute fire police, would have to cover them under their own policies.

Similarly, if Tafton’s fire police were to assist in another municipality, they would not be covered under Palmyra Township but would need the other municipality’s authorization.

Simons stated that Tafton has used fire police from Hawley, Forest, Promised Land and perhaps other companies, based in nearby municipalities. He said that last year, some of the fire police were working 14 to 18 hours between the two days, which was too much.

The chairman stated that they need to know who Tafton may be able to recruit to assist at the festival. Rose said something should be given to their township in writing from the other municipalities that the fire police will be covered by insurance.

The eighth annual Wally Lake Fest is scheduled, August 25-27. Other events occur in Hawley Borough and at other locations in the lake area. Downtown Hawley Partnership is the host organization.

Palmyra Township Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the township offices off of Gumbletown Road.