To the Editor:
I stayed at The Ledges in Hawley for a wedding on Saturday evening, July 8, when I had breakfast at the Hawley Diner that morning.

Upon returning to my hotel, I noticed my FitBit wrist band was missing. I drove back to the Diner and staff and guests all helped to determine if I dropped it somewhere.  

We didn't find it so I walked across the street to where I had originally parked my car. Two great guys named Jim and Frank were sitting outside Trish's Bagel's and one of them noticed the strain in my facial expression.  

"Are you looking for something,?" Jim asked. When I told them my issue, they said they found my band but one of the "regulars" had left with it. "Don't worry," said Frank. "He's a local. He's just keeping it safe. We'll get it back for you." Thirty minutes later, the man who safe-guarded my band presented it back to me.

I then thanked everyone involved, including the workers inside Trish's and I walked back into the Diner to show everyone that my wrist band was found. I can't say enough about the concern and thoughtfulness of your wonderful locals. In this crazy world we now live in, it's so important, to me, to know that there are still people who show basic, human kindness...even to those who are just "passing through (their) town."  

Thank you, Hawley citizens!
John Gutman
Norwalk, CT