WHITE MILLS - 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Wayne County Historical Society. A day-long symposium was held in June at the Dorflinger Factory Museum, as the cap stone event marking the centennial. Various speakers shared about aspects of Wayne County’s heritage, and at the end there was a roundup by the county historian, of the 100 year history of the Society. Two military veterans from Wayne County also shared about their service for their country.

A commemorative book was unveiled, filled with the history both of the Wayne County Historical Society, and 100 artifacts now on display at the Socety’s main museum. These 100 objects help illustrate the richness and depth of the history of this far northeast corner county of Pennsylvania. The book is now on sale, and the special exhibit is on display for at least two years, announced Society Executive Director Carol Henry Dunn.

Tracy L. Schwarz WCHS Board Member, issued a press release about the symposium, offering various reflections:

“It would be difficult to choose the best moment of the Wayne County Historical Society's symposium which took place recently,” she said. “It might have been the moving tribute to those from Wayne County who have defended our nation, when Korean War Veteran, Clayton Crum and Vietnam Veteran, Don Wilmot told their stories to moderator Lisa Mazzarella. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. It might have been when WCHS Executive Director, Carol Dunn recounted family stories of early tourism when city folks would come rent a room in their family home in Beach Lake  and marvel at the fresh air and slop buckets/outhouses. Then again, it  might have been the unique history and relationship shared by our three local banks, as presented by Mark Graziadio of HNB, Gary Beilman of the Dime Bank, and Lewis Critelli of Wayne Bank who delighted moderator Lisa Mazzarella with their often humorous tales of the History of Banking in Wayne County.

“Whatever their favorite portion of the symposium, those who attended left with a better understanding of Wayne County and a new respect for those who preserve its history,” Schwartz observed. “…It was a truly outstanding day spent recounting the past and thinking about the future.”

Presenters included Ann O'Hara, Linda Lee, Mark Graziadio (HNB), Lewis Critelli, (Wayne Bank), Gary Beilman (The Dime Bank), Grant Genzlinger (Settlers Hospitality Group), Juan Espino (Looking Glass Gallery), James K. Asselstine (Dorflinger Factory Museum), Carol Dunn (WCHS), Justin Genzlinger (Settlers Hospitality Group), Leonard & Margery Schwartz (Hotel Wayne), Thomas Visgilio (Prof. Emeritus, King's College), Sally Talaga, Kim Erickson, Clayton Crum, Don Wilmot and Wayne County Historian, Peter Becker.  

The Board of Trustees expressed gratitude for all of the presenters and the moderator who helped make the day a grand success.

For 100 years, the Wayne County Historical Society has been a community-focused organization. It was formed in May 1917 by a group of forward-thinking citizens who wisely recognized that Wayne County's history would fast slip away without dedicated volunteers determined to preserve it county.  

Wayne County Historical Society begins a new century still treasuring the past while looking boldly to the future, with major projects on its agenda to continue preserving the county’s heritage.  

The public is encouraged to visit the museum at 810 Main St., Honesdale. The hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sundays noon to 4 p.m. (closed Monday and Tuesday).

The keepsake 100th anniversary book sells for $28 plus tax.
New members are also welcome.
For more information call 570-253-3240 or visit www.WayneHistoryPA.org.