LACKAWAXEN TWP. - Growing Lackawaxen is growing. At the township’s June meeting, Supervisor Chairman Michael Mancino said the township is “interested” in supporting the nonprofit for the “benefit of residents.” The community development organization is focused on improving the quality of life for residents as well as enhancing services that include: childcare, educational programs, promoting the arts, use of the parks and to plan for future development.

The township will assist in the “initial financial support for operation needs,” Mancino said. The organization will look to alternative funding for the future though, such as through grants, donations and such possibilities. The plan is that the organizations will be independent, but will collaborate with the board of supervisors.

While it “will not be an easy task,” he said, the board does feel Growing Lackawaxen will be for the “betterment of the township.” At this point, volunteers are being sought who feel they have something to offer or are interested in being involved.

Mancino said that he does not believe that the township’s financial support will be
more than $2,500.

Growing Lackawaxen will run similar to the Fire Commission, as a nonprofit. A woman in the public said it was a “fantastic idea.”

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Also discussed:

Under old business, Ron Habakus who owns a sub storage facility on Rt. 6 near the carwash, was seeking approval to build the fourth building that he started building before the recession in 2006. Initially, Habakus had approval for seven buildings, but all total he just wants six buildings. At the June meeting however, he was seeking approval for the fourth building and an extension of time to complete the other two buildings. He wanted five years to complete the three buildings because it took him 10 years to get the third building. The plans for the building hadn’t changed and it was already fenced and stoned. The board approved the extension of up to three years for Habakus to finish the project. In memory of Anita Shook, Supervisor Jeff Shook’s mother, Mancino motioned for a $500 donation to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Hawley. It was approved and Shook thanked him. The board approved Wallenpaupack softball and baseball little league teams to use Memorial Park in the township, as long as the proper insurance was provided. A home in Fawn Lake community that was destroyed by a fire will at some point be demolished. The township received multiple bids from businesses to do the work, but Solicitor Tom Farley wanted to review the bids before the board would make a decision. Fawn Lake resident Carol Petri shared her thoughts on the need for the work to be done quickly, because the home had “slid off its foundation” and she wanted to see the work “done ASAP” because many people would be in the area now that it is summer. Mancino answered that the decision would be announced at the July 17 meeting. The township is not paying for the work, because money remained in the fire escrow fund from the fire. Farley explained that “under Pennsylvania law” when there is a fire, 10 percent of the insurance proceeds are given to the township to be held to ensure the residence is cleaned. Once the residence is taken care of, the funds are released to the homeowner. But, if the property is abandoned, such as the case in Fawn Lake, the funds are used to tear the home down.

After all that was on the agenda was covered by the board, during public comment Petri asked if something could be done sooner than later and so, Mancino said in order for there to be a special meeting, an advertisement would have to run in a newspaper. And so, in the end, there was a special meeting June 28 where Charles Steuhl and Sons won the bid and will demolish the home at some point.

The township’s computer server is old, eight years old actually. Mancino said because the server is so dated, there are security patches that need to be updated often and so, after IT consultants checked it out, it’s been determined that the township will need $9,700.71 for the upgrade. But, because the funds weren’t budgeted for this year, the upgrades will have to wait till next year. If the system were to go down this year, it could take up to 10 business days for the township working with the current backup system Mancino explained. The board received a grant for a storage building behind the township. Now, a bid package is needed for the storage building. Kiley Associates will be doing a survey of Memorial Park at a cost of $1,000 because the board of supervisors feel a pavilion is needed. Former Lackawaxen Solicitor Anthony Waldron is representing former Lackawaxen Supervisor Richard Krochta who is seeking compensation for what he feels is owed vacation time for 2016. The board voted that a letter would be sent to Waldron about the matter. Township resident John Iona asked the board if there is a “conflict of interest?” Mancino answered, “Maybe a little. But that’s for the courts to decide.” Farley added that the concern had already been raised. Kiley Associates was chosen to review the intersection of Winfield and Blue Eddy Road that was deemed dangerous. It was suggested that a mirror be posted to help the visibility of the area. Mancino made a motion that the board approve the endorsement of the “goals and objectives of Growing Lackawaxen.” The board approved the motion. Roadwork in the township needs to be done and so, the following companies won bids for various roads selected during a special meeting:
    Wayco won the bid for Miller Road TR482 at a cost of $16,504.25.
    Wayco won the bid for Cosgrove Road TR408 at a cost of $5,789.16.
    Wayco won the bid for Williams Road TR433 at a cost of $98,449.87.
    Wayco also won the bid for Weber Road TR417 at a cost of $41,891.78.
    Lastly, Wayco won the bid for Campen Road, TR 488 at a cost of $6,270.32.