HAWLEY - Hawley’s Community Garden is growing and blooming, at last.

Eleven raised beds are in place along the side yard of the Hawley Public Library, with lots of backyard space for the future. Deborah Corcoran, the Library’s Executive Director, said at the Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission, July 25, that four beds are in use. “The people are very, very happy with their beds,” she said.

The Community Garden is a project of Hawley Parks & Rec, which has a contract with Hawley Public Library to use their land.

Elaine Herzog, Councilwoman and Parks & Rec member, said that because they had a late start of the season, they decided on an abbreviated registration fee of $20.00.

It’s also because the fence sections haven’t been put up yet, to close in the garden area, she said. There is already a chain link fence on one side, along the Middle Creek. The committee was discussing a $35 fee, with a reduced fee for seniors, but realized they needed to scale back due to the shorter season.

One of the 11 beds is set aside for children’s programming at the Library.

Residents may sign up for a garden bed, at Hawley Borough Hall.

Library in the Park

The “Free Library in the Park” project was further reviewed. Parks & Rec advised that the box, which will contain books for children, should be in view of a security camera. The board recommended to Deborah Corcoran, Hawley Public Library Executive Director, to have the box installed between the new restrooms and the bandstand.

Corcoran showed a picture of a sample box. Molly Rodgers, Wayne County Library Alliance Administrator, is encouraging the project. Rodgers’ husband Peter will make the box and have it put up. The public will be welcome to take a book, and donate a book.

The wooden box will be on a post, have a pitched roof and an open side where the books will be put.
Although there is concern about vandalism, Corcoran commented that it was worth the risk, to be able to provide free books to encourage children to read. The Library will monitor and maintain the box and books.


Hawley Parks & Rec meets on the fifth Tuesday at 6 p.m., at Borough Hall, 94 Main Avenue. The office may be reached at 570-226-9545.